Re: Introducing Attendee Reviews

My personal take is that this is not a good idea and it will end up clogging the customer experience inbox with reported fake reviews.

I’m speaking from over 20 years of business owner experience when I say that reviews are the worst thing that ever happened to business and adding more reviews exacerbates a problem.

The problem is that attendees to an event do not read Peerspace policies, nor do they read host rules, so this leads to conflict with guests where they break rules, or get upset about rules that the renters never presented to them.

I can provide an anecdote from almost every single rental we have ever had in which a guest became angry because they couldn’t smoke, or angry because our management told them to stop screaming outside, or angry because they couldn’t find parking, angry because we didn’t have Apple Music. Oftentimes, these people can get nasty, but as it was before, I would have my on-site coordinator repeat the policies (and even show them the rule book) and we don’t worry about it, because guests can’t leave reviews.

Now if there’s a nasty rental, instead of one review to fight off, you may end up with 100 nasty reviews to fight off.

Once more, this is not a good idea at all. It doesn’t help the hosts, it doesn’t help the platform and it doesn’t even help the renters; it just opens up the potential for abuse.


I agree that an attendee review is a horrible idea! I concur with Deacon. In addition, I would like to add that every time an attendee reviews us, they are complaining about things that were decided upon, chosen by or planned by the actual CLIENT.


Thank you Deacon, my thoughts exactly.


I couldn’t agree more with everything you said.

97% of our reviews from guests (people who pay) are 5 stars. Adding another class of reviewer that gives 5 stars only 82% (per the Peerspace announcement email) of the time is not a value add for us.

Are there any hosts that think this is a good idea?

@peerspace how many hosts were consulted prior to this being added to your roadmap and then rolled out?

Looking forward to everyone’s thoughts.


My guess is that this will simply give a platform to those that had a bad time or problem, but didn’t give the site host any idea of the issue, or a chance to remedy it.
Come to think of it, they should be reviewing their hosts, our clients, and not us- we tend to not have much direct interaction with guests, by design, so how does it make sense for them to review us?
Seems like a terrible idea, and certainly not one we’d have requested, but here we go…


AGREED! Not only do we need to manage the legitimate review from the people that actually purchased the service as a client but now,… HUH?! We have to field reviews from an unlimited, unknown source of people with nothing at stake, that never paid for the service as renters?! So basically unvetted, unidentified strangers who never paid for any service from you? What am I missing here? Clearly a “neat” idea drummed up by someone that isn’t actually renting spaces. THIS IS RIDICULOUS.


I also think this is a terrible idea. We agree with Deacon and the others that it serves no benefit for the hosts, the renters or the guests. There’s too many potential problems for me to even know where to start.
And it also seems very unfair for the number of guest reviews to influence the host’s listing. What if one space only has the capacity for 10 guests and another for 100?
We don’t want Peerspace to turn into Yelp.


… Thats a good point. Why would the attendees give a rip anyways? They don’t care… and competitive spaces can now jump in on the action and claim to have been an attendee and leave bad reviews to drag your rating down.


Phenomenal point about the number of attendees.

Also, from my perspective, it’s very frustrating to have spent the last 3.5 years gaining 289 reviews and now a new venue could eclipse our listing with one event. OR, my rating could be shattered by one event.


Seems pretty clear from the first 12 comments that this idea is a TOTAL DISASTER in the making. We’ve had events where the renter failed to read the rules and then tells all their guests to pile on the host. So what, we are going to give a voice to people who have no knowledge of or opportunity to even KNOW the rules? And why would they go to read them on Peerspace when most of the guests seem to have no idea what Peerspace even IS? There’s 100 reasons why this is a bad idea: for hosts, for renters and even for Peerspace itself (reduces business). We LOVE Peerspace but I personally see ZERO UPSIDE in this idea.

Maybe less.


I would in fact go one step further than just removing attendee reviews and remove stars entirely.

History has shown (and again, I went into business long before Yelp) that star reviews encourage extortion and review blackmail and are never good for long term business viability.

Worse still, from what I have heard from other hosts at both my event and Eli’s event is that hosts are afraid to enforce their own rules, because they’re afraid of receiving a bad review.

Instead, a better idea (just in my opinion) is slightly incentivized ‘testimonials’. The incentive could be $10-$30 off a future rental (which Peerspace benefits from, as it encourages repeat rentals).

This is of course, a step that is probably better discussed at a future time, but giving every attendee a platform to complain is not a great idea and will lead to additional unfair reviews.

We (and I’m sure other hosts) experience issues with an attendee on almost every rental. To their credit, these folks have no idea what the house rules are and often the basic information (parking, gate codes, even suite numbers) is never passed along to guests, so they sometimes come in with a chip on their shoulder. Or, they misunderstand the purpose and role that the host plays and may ask the host to set up their laptop or carry their gear, or fulfill other PA-type roles.

To hosts: remember to document everything. Our home has 12 cameras and rising, capturing every conceivable angle, as well as audio. To Peerspace’ credit, if you receive an unfair review, they WILL review the footage and any other evidence that you send them, which earns Peerspace my respect.

We’ll see what the future brings, but I hope that this is a short term change.


I agree with @Deacon_T, this platform isn’t a Yelp review process, its a basis for host venues and renters to ensure a smooth business transaction occurs. The “business” doesn’t occur between the attendees and the other two parties. There are other services for that. We appreciate the service Peerspace offers us, but it doesn’t need to get bogged down with 3rd, 4th, and 5th++ parties.


Deacon and the rest of the replies know what’s up. I’ve never commented in the host community before but logged in here just to comment on this and say this is a pretty bad idea. I didn’t get in a contract with the 50 people who attended and know nothing of the rules. And if only 82% give 5 star reviews then that should have been your sign to nope out of that idea.

I mean, I really trusted that Peerspace knew what they were doing but now I’m not so sure who is running this site. The instant book feature I thought was unnecessary and made me go ???, but I could live with it. But this? This on a different level of weird business choices for companies to make.

Agreed with Deacon that we should just remove host reviews entirely. I’d rather have a 10 star review system that rates things like cleanliness 1-10, parking 1-10, how quiet is the space 1-10, Easy loading/unloading 1-10 etc… Things people care about.


Hello everyone,

Me and my team believe that everything has been said in this thread already - all the “whys” this is not a good idea have been exposed clearly and we agree with @Deacon_T, with @Alex_S, with @Angela_Marty_S, etc with every single post.

Peerspace - please, reconsider this - this is just a way to bring fear to the way we manage our businesses. We’ve shared this in our internal chat system with the 15 people that are involved in one way or another in repping our spaces, maintaining them or cleaning them. Everybody is just scared. I don’t think this is going to help anyone, neither Peerspace, clients or us.

If we could, we would vote no to this feature.

Thank you


Here are some reasons why I disagree with allowing (never mind encouraging) attendee reviews.

  1. Attendees are guests of the Booking Guest who pays and is held accountable. How on earth will attendees understand or know the rules and requirements of the space and agreements we Hosts have made with the booking Guest? Why do I worry? Maybe a third of my inquiries have actually read my description, rules, cost and capacity…I can tell by the questions they (shouldn’t) ask… and then I would say that maybe half of the Booked Guests actually have read the description and rules…I can tell by their behavior and questions. There is NO WAY an atendee guest of a Guest will have access to or read the rules and expectations of the space. This will be a problem for hosts when unwitting guests write things like: 3 stars “Wish we could have babecued on the deck! 2 stars “I can’t believe we couldn’t have a Margarita machine like Teddy has at his gig” …1 Star “Beautiful space but they kicked us out WAAAY too early” (actually it was 15 mins late but everyone was having fun and they didn’t know the end time) I work SUPER super hard to earn every star I get and this new “feature” is full of potential perils for hosts because— people are people. I can’t control the guests of the Booking guest, but I 100% control the great experience of the Booking Guest to earn 5 star reviews.

  2. unlike the Booking, paying Guest, who IS reviewable by Hosts, and this is very important—the attendees are not. A major imbalance. The review system works on Ebay because it’s tit for tat and balanced and EVERYONE reviews EVERYONE in the transaction. That’s 2 people. No one else’s opinion is published. The power of reciprocity is a big deal when people make choices when they communicate publicly.

  3. I thank the other hosts who have taken the time in this thread to calculate out the possible damage to a great Host’s listing by just one irked Guest with a bunch of attendees who have the power to review. One bad review is bad…but 40/50 piled on bad reviews is total mayhem and disastrous for a perfectly wonderful host, potentially.

  4. all well and good to have the ability to protest “Inappropriate” reviews by attendees and Guests but I sure don’t have the time to be an administrator checking on the new bunches of reviews, figuring out who they are from, providing documentation…to somehow prove something someone’s said is untrue. Or just wrong or mean.

  5. I love you, Peerspace, and I know you are reading! but I feel like this is a misfired marketing effort to get Peerspace evangelized to all attendees of all bookings, and to attempt to engage those attendees so they will also use Peerspace. That’s a fine goal. I just don’t see why we as hosts should have to be in the firing line with potentially a lot of collateral work (reviewing reviews, questioning reviews) and damage (obliteration of reputation and therefore business). There are surely other ways to reach out to attendees and incentivize their engagement. Discounts! Referral bonus! Sharing their opinion PRIVATELY (non-published) with Peerspace (and then you get their emails) …:you guys know how to do this.

  6. any chance Peerspace you could run these really big changes affecting Hosts by some hosts in advance to hear perspective from our combined centuries of events and hosting experience? Someone way above in this thread- maybe the all-wise @Deacon_T alluded to the fact that people aren’t necessarily going to play fair unless they have accountability. Attendees have no such accountability and I can’t rate them, so I think this needs to be rapidly and thoroughly revisited.

Thanks to all the hosts in this thread who have written great feedback! @Angela_Marty_S and everyone else.


I don’t usually comment on open forums, however, this is very important! I agree with @Deacon_T and @Peggy_G, and all the above. It is not a good idea for guests to also weigh in. If they like the event space they may book for themselves someday, if not, its a one off experience and they should let it go. As mentioned above, this is not their event and may have any type of chip on their shoulder and their venting could ruin a Peerspace Member’s business. Comments should be accepted by paying customers only.


I totally agree with all comments above.

Something that I recently experienced was getting a 3 star review (all other reviews were 5 stars) from a guest who had a positive rental but as he was leaving dented his car wheel rim on the curb and he left a 3 star review with no details in the comments section. So it looks like the rental was bad not his driving as he left my venue. I was unable to comment to his negative / low review and ask peerspace to remove it based on only stars and no comment left and they said no. So I wish we could publicly comment on a bad review from a guest post rental. Explain why or how we could / did make the rental a positive for guests.

With that being said please peerspace remove the new feature from your platform!


This is a horrible idea. In my experience (after hosting 200+ events), the host of the party (usually the person who books the event) are far nicer and respectful of the space than a general attendee. There is also more rapport with me as we’ve gone through a string of messages by the time the event occurs. On several occasions, I’ve had guests who were super nice, yet their people spit gum on my brand new deck. And now, my property will be subjected to the scrutiny of these people.


I stepped out for a massage and came back to an alternate universe. Wow!

I just saw the Attendee Review feature announcement, and read through the comments. Asking attendees for reviews just opens the door to problems while providing no upside, no value, and I agree with everything my fellow hosts have shared above.

Current reviews, in many cases, are reviews of the hosts as much or more than they are reviews of the venue. As a host, we create a relationship, solve problems, and work hard to ensure that our guest has a successful experience in our space. The attendees don’t even know who we are.

My vote is a resounding No on this new feature.

I enjoy working with Peerspace, and it is a pleasure getting to know more of the team. We put a lot of energy into providing constructive feedback about the service and feel we are all in this together. When a feature like this is just announced, with no prior conversation, it feels like our voices are completely discounted.


This idea sucks. The one useful feature for hosts, Number of Saves, is removed, and now suddenly an unannounced “feature”, reviews from people who have had no direct contact with us hosts, is added.

At best this is a goofy pointless exercise, and at worst it punishes hosts. It benefits nobody, not even potential booking guests. It’s like asking the passengers in an Uber car to rate the tires. (And it must have taken some time and effort to write, debug and implement. Yet no advance word, none…)

Even though I get a lot of nice comments from party attendees, I doubt if many of them would go to the trouble of researching how my venue was booked in order to praise it. On the other hand, if they do bother to find out where to complain, it will be because they are ticked off! See anecdotes above!

This reminds me of the way eBay poisoned the well with biased policies, making things super difficult for sellers. PS must know that there aren’t many good alternative sites for hosts, and so feel free to punish them, while attracting potential users and lengthening their time on the site, which I guess is the real purpose here.