Quick question about reviews


So suddenly we seem to be having an issue with reviews and I have no idea how to address this.

A renter from over five months ago - waaaaay back on August 4th, 2018 suddenly left us a lowered review because he claimed street parking was hard to find.

How does that have anything to do with our space or us as hosts? It’s like leaving a bad review because there’s traffic on the 405 highway. Plus, there is SO much street parking where we are that nobody before or since has complained or has had an issue finding free street parking. He wasn’t even late.

His other complaint was that our suite isn’t close to the gate. We’re on the ground floor and there is literally - LITERALLY less than a one minute walk.

The guy was a little on the amateur side, so I helped carry his gear and even let him use our cart, since he was a little unprepared.

We had no problem with the renter, he didn’t complain and he was one of the only renters to give us actual hugs when he left.

So to get a lowered review because of something that is completely out of our control feels really vindictive for no reason.


Hi Deacon, did they alter their review, or just finally leave a review. I had one guest who was very nice, had a great experience, left a great review, but said in the review that all the parking in the area was restricted to 2 hours. Which is not true. I reached out to her, and she said she would change it, and I had to keep after her a little, but she did.

At least if it is from months ago, it gets pushed back pretty far, so it seems less likely that people will see it. All the best with this one!


Peerspace should offer an opportunity for hosts to respond. This would level the playing field and give hosts a chance to explain comments that guests may leave that aren’t truly valid. Most review sites like yelp and trip advisor let owners respond to guest reviews.


There are just some terrible people in the world - email them and ask why they felt it necessary to adjust the review for things out of your control explaining that your business relys on these reviews. If it doesn’t encourage him to take it down or adjust make him feel like an a hole that he is and hopefully prevent him from doing this in the future. That is the only long term solution to this. Shaming the reviewers back into their caves.


The question is, could Peerspace do something about a review that renters deem unjust, undeserved?


My understanding is they can. I hosted a Peerspace hosts event and this came up. Staff said that they can make adjustments or remove unfair reviews.


yeah, he waited five months to leave the review and I was like “whaaaaaat?” because we had zero problems with the guy.

He claimed that his makeup artist and model couldn’t find parking for 20 minutes and I told him that MUAs and models are ALWAYS late with some excuse like ‘traffic’ or ‘parking’. Our area has a ludicrous amount of parking.

His other complaint was how far away our unit was from the gate. It’s a one minute, 2 second walk. I tested this by putting about 50 pounds on my back (one bag full of cameras and lenses and the other bag full of 36 pounds of weights) and walking from our door to the front gate and then back again. Keep in mind I have a bone disease, I’m 43 and not even in amazing shape: https://1drv.ms/f/s!AqHDcQ66f_Evm8B_jsZ7PjrAdz1LcQ (that’s the footage of me walking back and forth).

This guy was carrying a cheap tripod a camera, one cheap light and a little umbrella softbox thing - he wasn’t weighted down at all.

It would have taken longer for him to get out of a parking garage or wait for an elevator, or climb steps.

But while his review could have been much worse, it presents a bigger problem: one day, someone is going to leave a one star review for some equally bizarre reason and we are very concerned Peerspace is going to let that review stay.

Renters holding us responsible for when their guests arrive late puts us in a weirdly uncomfortable position.