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I’m a new on Peerspace and still learning the ropes, along with how to be more assertive with prospects.

Question: Does a 5 minute film short shooting in a commercial building need a permit? This would entail 40 people for a funeral scene with the time pushed to 6 a.m. - 8 p.m. (It was previously 8 a.m. - 8 p.m.)

I have been speaking to the producer who told me he wanted to schedule day of walk a week or so back, but he never put the request through. I followed up with him today and he sent the request in.

However, this is for this Tuesday (7/2) and its close of business on a Friday.
Ultimately he has one day to get a permit (which I don’t think is do-able) and COI.

Before doing this math, I accepted the booking. I did ask him about the all of the above. I await his response.

Shall I A) Not accept this and explain to Peerspace why I’m now doing an about face and declining?

or B) Ask if its possible to push back his shoot dates in order to get his ducks in order?

Would appreciate any and all insight here.

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Hi Karen, Deacon here!
If you don’t mind me weighing in, I’ve been a commercial photographer for 21 years now and have worked quite a few productions, both on my own and as a Peerspace host.

If the filming is to be completely within your space, without affecting the surrounding neighborhood at all (completely invisible to the world at large) then a filming permit should not be required.

On the other hand, if they are…let’s say ‘boisterous’ and are making a lot of noise, doing exterior shots, equipment outside of your building, etc, then a filming permit may be required (and they’d want to check with Film LA), but that’s up to them to get. You as host don’t need to worry about that, as you aren’t a part of their production.

If a crew comes in and they needed a permit (doing exterior shots) and Film LA rolls up, they’re the ones who would get the fine.

But make sure they are insured and if they don’t send you the COI, please be aware that the risk is all on you if something gets broken.


Thanks so much Deacon!

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Deacon - assuming since they just booked, they don’t have a COI. If I don’t receive it on Monday - and I cancel the Tuesday shoot, will that put me in bad steed with Peerspace? Thanks

If you have insurance as a requirement in your listing and they don’t obtain insurance, then you don’t have to let them in the door.

This actually happened with a rental about a month back at our place.

The producer had a very nasty attitude with us and when we asked for her insurance paperwork (this was one of the dreaded ‘last minute bookings’) she became a bit nastier, so we told her to leave.

Because our listing specifies that insurance is a requirement (we’ve had many little things broken over the months), we were still paid for that day, as her crew violated our written policy.

In your case however, I don’t want to advise you what to do for this particular booking, but I recommend adding in an insurance requirement clause for all productions in your space!