Possible glitch! Payment has vanished from cancelled booking?

Hi there!
I had a rental on the books for August 25th, however the rental was unfortunately cancelled on our renter’s end.

At the time that my renter initiated the cancellation, it showed a full payout upcoming. Today, they messaged me to express their regrets (really nice repeat renter and we’re of course on great terms) and and hopes to rebook us at some point in the future. But because I’m me, I got curious and decided to triple check on the payment status. I’d already looked at it before, but I tend to be so ‘Type A’ that I notice even little details like this and always triple check everything.

I was a little shocked to see that the payout information disappeared. It doesn’t say a ‘0’ payout either, it’s as thought all of the payment information was deleted. I’ve compared this to other rentals and this is the first time I’ve noticed this happen.

I did email help@peerspace.com, but thought this to be extremely odd, as the payout was listed as recently as a day ago and I should still be receiving a full payout as per my cancellation policy.

May I ask if this is some sort of a glitch that someone has encountered in the past? I’ve never seen this before and would surely love to get some resolution, as that’s kind of a shocking turn of events.

I’m attaching a screenshot of what the screen looks like - I have never seen anything like that before and I urge everyone to check their payment statuses in case this is some sort of a bug!

Peerspace updated my ticket really fast!
Apparently, the renter is expecting a family emergency in a couple of weeks and needed to cancel. I’m not even sure what documentation she sent into Peerspace to get a refund, as she was actually more surprised and shocked by the generous and unexpected refund than I was!

Apparently it works both ways, so if a family emergency comes up Peerspace will allow hosts to cancel with no penalty either.

That is a relief, I thought the payment system was bugged!

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