Permit needed for live events/parties?

I’m leasing a large warehouse loft that I’ve been renting mainly for professional film & photos shoots. When I signed the lease I received a certificate of occupancy from the city for that specific use. I’m curious to hear how people with similar spaces handle requests for live events like parties, weddings, etc. Do you get a temporary assembly permit if you don’t already have a certificate of occupancy for live events? I’d love to be able to host these types of events but I also want to make sure I’m protected in case anyone gets injured, etc. And what about live events where alcohol is served (not sold) ? Does that require some sort of special permit?

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Hi Glenn. I don’t have any particular expertise, but here are a few thoughts. I would imagine most hosts renting their spaces are doing so without Temporary Assembly Permits (I could be wrong). I have not seen this topic addressed via Peerspace, probably a can of worms. While a majority of rentals in Los Angeles are production, I host a lot of events, and am getting more business-related bookings as well.

The laws will vary by city, along with how strictly they are enforced. The more important permits will be those that impact public areas, and agencies may be more lenient for events held on private property. Like many issues related to renting out your space, a huge factor is how your events affect your neighbors.

I suggest reaching out to City Planning and the Fire Department: “Hi, I have a large warehouse loft located in ____ and I am wondering what permits would be required if we have a party with 100 guests [insert your capacity].” And you can ask what the technical capacity would be, and ask about Fire Dept requirements (how many fire extinquishers, how many doors/exits required, emergency Exit signs, etc). There will also be a lead time for applying for permits, so you will want to know how far in advance to apply.

You could add in your Rules section: Guest is responsible for securing any needed permits.

Insurance: best to have them secure insurance via, and their policies typically include Host Liquor Liability I believe.


Thanks Brad, that’s all good advice!

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