Peerspace Discounts

Does Peerspace offer discounts directly to guests? For example, I had a guest today ask if we offer a military discount, and I was wondering if that would be something available on Peerspace’s side. I understand that hosts can create custom offers for these types of discounts, but my question is directed more about discounts Peerspace may offer to guests, and if that’s an option. Thanks!

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I would not assume that Peerspace would offer direct discounts since the hosts dictate their prices and Peerspace simply takes a commission based off the final price. Any discounts would need to be reflected in a custom rate. I would not be comfortable with Peerspace discounting my set prices unless they are willing to compensate the difference and pay me my full amount listed, which I am pretty sure they are not willing to do.

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Hi Lorus! Thanks for adding that further clarification. My question assumes that Peerspace would compensate for the difference and that it would be applied on their end. I see this as an opportunity to drive more traffic and incentive for people to book. And yes, I do offer discounts for various situations, but that is after the inquiry comes in. I’m thinking more at the top of the funnel as a way to bring more guests to the platform. Thanks!

I dont think peerspace offers any kind of discount. I offer discounts to students or returning customers. If you find out different please let me know.