Peerspace Chapter Leader


How do we sign up? I would love to be a team member.
We have a wonderful location for it

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I would be extremely interested and we have a great space for it, I believe

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Hi @Eli_P and @Deacon_T, we love your excitement and are so grateful you’re interested in serving your Peerspace community in this capacity.

Our team is currently finalizing the details of the application process and will be opening it up within the next week or so (it will consist of a short contact form and video interview with our team).

In the meantime, it could be a helpful exercise to think through the types of events you’d be interested in hosting (e.g. “How to get your first five-star review” or “Production 101”). We’ll want to hear what topics you feel will be the most engaging and beneficial for your local community!


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Hi Grace, it’s our pleasure!

What I’d love to see is a networking mixer (or dinner!) and maybe like a Q and A session?

With rentals, it’s easy to feel isolated and feel like our problems are so exclusive to ourselves, when in actuality, everyones’ experiences are more similar than we might imagine.

It also breaks us out of viewing other listings as ‘competitors’. Ultimately, the decision to book rests in the renters’ hands, so I think it would be nice to meet other hosts and maybe even set up some sort of referral network.

There’s a really popular host in the same building as us, but you never quite know how to say “uhhh hi, I’m a Peerspace renter too!” :stuck_out_tongue:

For amenities, we have microphones and loudspeakers, a full kitchen and it wouldn’t be too much hassle to invest in chairs if it would be a recurring event!

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