Peerspace App | Save Response

It might be useful to create an “iPhone App” category for tips, updates and feedback on the app.

One update I would like to see: When replying to a guest in the app, I may get interrupted, or need to switch to another app to grab a link. When I come back to the Peerspace app, it reloads the app to the home screen and my text is gone.

  1. Please save our place when we switch to another app and back;

  2. Save the text in our response.

Would be great if it worked like the text app on the iPhone. I can start to respond to a text thread, and even if I close the app, when I come back to the thread, my draft response is still there.

Thanks for listening!

  • Brad

Wonderful suggestion! I do the same(Google docs/Peerspace)

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Hey Brad, great idea! This category is now dedicated to collecting feedback, exchanging tips, and sharing updates on our iOS app.

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Great suggestions, thanks Brad!

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