Party booking turns into a disaster

I made so many mistakes. I’ve been following posts by other hosts and saw that a lot of you said you don’t do parties, you don’t allow guests to bring their own speakers, you require a bartender for events with alcohol, you require event insurance, etc. I screwed up and accepted a booking that ended up having a DJ with HUGE speakers, a microphone, heavy drinking, throwing cigarettes and gum into my neighbor’s yard. At the end of the night there was fighting in my house and then they went out in the street to fight. The neighbors called the cops.

They broke at least two lights in my front yard and I cleaned blood off the stairs leading to my front door.

The neighbors told my landlord and I found out that subletting is in direct violation of my lease agreement. She made me delete my Peerspace listings and I will get evicted if I ever rent her house again or use it for business.

I was depressed and anxious for a few days after receiving this news. I had 12 reviews, all five stars in only a few months. I made $5k in August.

I was feeling like I was healing and could move forward until just now when I noticed two dents in my car. I am going to lose it. I’m such a moron!

Please learn from my mistakes!!

I am so sorry that this happened to you. These stories are excellent to share, because it provides caution to other hosts.

I recall a time maybe 6 months ago when I had shared an anecdote, or given another host some advice or something like that and a host scolded me for frightening hosts with extreme, rare circumstances, telling me I was being negative, etc.

I ended up leaving the forums for months as a result, because I firmly believe that by sharing the worst things that can happen, it encourages us to set firm boundaries, which results in better bookings.

You’re not an idiot at all; it’s easy to give people the benefit of the doubt, or question whether or not we’re being overly strict. I’m just very sorry that you’ll no longer be a host.

One recommendation: Las Vegas has lots of nice raw commercial spaces that are only a buck *(or less) a square foot and you could EASILY turn it into an event space.

The wedding industry is going to bounce back and when it does, you should get in touch with my friends at Spectacular Weddings, Laura and Debra.

Or just have a semi-raw photography studio with a few backgrounds and equipment you can rent for 30 an hour.

Maybe this is just a turning point? Renting out your home is a lot trickier than a commercial space and it requires a fearless and extremely firm hand at times.

We once had a group of guests from another platform try to kidnap us (that didn’t work) and another group from a boxing club tried to physically fight my 5’3" fiancee (long story short: that REALLY didn’t work) and another time, a guy got high on our porch, passed out and then tried to fight me when I discovered him that night and told him to get out (that REAAAALLY didn’t work).

What I recommend is hiring a security guard and adding it into the cost of your rental. My fiancee is already a licensed guard so I kinda save on that front, but I think any group of 10 or more needs a representative present to prevent property damage and personal liability.

Please give it another shot with a commercial space. If you decide to give a rental studio a try, used to have a photography studio at 3125 W. Ali Baba Lane in Las Vegas. The management company was just wonderful and parking lot has an amazing view of the Luxor on one side and the stadium on the other.

I used to take these epic pics with the Luxor in the background at night that everyone thought was Photoshopped. With backgrounds like that, photographers would fall in love with the place.

Also, Vegas is a funny city to shoot in, as most of the land is BLM (DIFFERENT BLM!!) owned and they have insane $600 permit costs for a still photo shoot.

If you create something unique indoors for portraiture, not only will you save the photographers the permit costs, but get them out of that heat!

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Thank you, Deacon! I have read all your stories. That’s some crazy stuff!

Thank you for the tips. I was making an average of $100 an hour and only paying a third of our rent (my share was $1000) because my partner has a good salaried job. Was such good money!

But yeah, it was a lot of work and we had a lot of energy in our home and I’m an empath who hasn’t quite mastered the art of saging. Lol.

I haven’t even told the story of the rap video gone wrong. I saw a recent thread on rap videos. I will share it there :joy::joy:

Thank you for the tips! I’m going to expand my virtual business first and then maybe get back into in person events. I’m a people person, so I’ll probably be back in the event game soon.

Thank you for your reply and thank you for sharing your own stories :kissing_smiling_eyes:

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Deacon: What’s BLM? Of the different kind, that is.

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BLM means, in that context, Bureau of Land Management–a Federal agency.

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Thanks for sharing. Your cautionary tales can help prevent someone else from suffering the same fate!
I’m sorry to hear you were shamed for sharing your cautionary tale. I’m glad you are back online, since your advice is useful for many people. Myself included. Much appreciated!


the person doing the shaming used to sort of ‘stalk’ me on the forums and the only time they posted was to disagree and argue with me. It got a little creepy, so I gracefully bowed out for a bit, but it’s nice to be back.

I enjoy hosting and sharing experiences with my fellow hosts!

Horrible. So sorry that happened to you. The damage is one thing, but to lose your business is another… especially these days.

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