Option To Use Peerspace As Booking Only Platform

I love your platform, it’s truly fantastic and I’m super thankful for it. But I don’t put all of the bookings that come through me personally, through you because I don’t want to pay a fee on personal contacts (and I do have the insurance logistics worked out with my liability company). But I’d love to use your system for everyone.

Have you considered some sort of monthly fee platform? Where I pay you a reasonable monthly fee and use it as a booking system. The difference is that you don’t provide the insurance in this scenario. I would LOVE LOVE LOVE if you could be my full-time booking system. While still using your standard platform on the clients that come through Peerspace directly.

My studio is a full-time business, and I’ve recently expanded, adding one more studio which is an additional listing. I have so much growth ahead, and I’d love to be partnered with you as I expand.


I get the majority of my bookings via Peerspace, but do get some direct bookings. Like Jennifer, I would love to send these to Peerspace as well, but the cost is significant between the 15% commission and service fee (I believe it is typically around 9% for my bookings). Having nearly a fourth of the total fee go to Peerspace when I secured the client is not interesting. Seems worth exploring some options.