'off-site' dilemma!


So here is our dilemma and I was curious to know if anyone else has encountered this:

currently, our ‘off-site’ listing is a bit lower than our events or even production listings, as off-sites have such a minimal impact on our space. They’re quiet, non-destructive and I can get other work done while the renters are here - they’re our favorite type of rental, if I’m being honest, so I keep the price lower to attract more of them.


Every time I try to lower the price for the off-site listing, everyone contacts me through that listing and it becomes this gigantic pain in the butt to link them the correct listing and then explain to them why the price is different.

This never happened when I used to price off-site at the same rate as events - it NEVER happened - so I’m fairly sure that they’re intentionally using the wrong listing in order to get a lower price, which is a little fraudulent actually, but worse, not only is the pricing different across our listings, but some of the policies are different as well.

Productions can use our bedroom and private office, events cannot. Off-sites can use the office, but cannot use the bedroom.

We always have an on-site coordinator for productions and events, but not for off-sites (as I usually just hang out and get some other work done).

We even had someone first contact me through the event listing and then re-contact me through the off-site listing.

Another prospective renter requested that I ‘honor’ the ‘original’ price (of the off-site listing) if they booked through the production listing. There’s really nothing to honor, as they’re two different activities, with different logistics.

I’m curious to know how they even find the off-site listing if they’re putting ‘film shoot’ as their activity and I’m also curious to know if anyone else experiences this.

I’ve taken to writing down a lengthy explanation of why the production and event listings are higher and then copying and pasting it in, but to be honest, I believe these folks already know and are well aware :stuck_out_tongue:

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I’ve had this happen several times as well. And an off-site with a happy hour included? Well…isn’t that more of an event? The lines get blurry. I’d prefer if there were only one listing, and we could just be transparent about the price of the space for different types of events within that listing.

Even among private events, weddings are going to be more expensive for some venues than birthdays, I’d assume. So having the hourly rate as a starting point has worked for us.

For now, we have an Off-Site and we have an Event, and they are identical except for a few images. Pricing is identical as well to avoid the problems you’re talking about.


I just tell them they’re looking at the wrong listing and send a link to the correct one, much like you did. Not sure if there’s a good way around this, unless they implement a notice on both listings that shows all prices, at a glance, for off-site, production, etc.


Interesting! This is really a structural problem, with the way the code is written. (As policy it doesn’t make much sense.) It could be fixed fairly easily, but I have noticed the site is slow with these kinds of corrections. I started out with a “Production” listing only, and a few people snuck in with parties, and they went ok, so I added Events, then Off-Site. The one terrible experience that resulted in a peerspace “missed expectations” decision against me was an off-site for a large well-known corporation. I had given them free hours and located some rare materials for their decor, thinking the 2-day booking would be fairly simple… then they lied about me to ps. Personal Assistants trying to gain brownie points? I guess.

So now, based on experience, I have raised the price for Off-Site!


I had someone inquire as a production but it ended up being a event. I billed them accordingly and they had to pay.

Well written Deacon!

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