November Los Angeles community event! Free headshots, FOOD and...possibly karaoke

You guys, a crispy headshot can do WONDERS for getting bookings, as they create a more professional image for yourself and your space. I’m always talking about the importance of running your Peerspace hosting as a high end business and was just talking about headshots with someone, because I desperately need a new headshot myself.

I’ve been a photographer for 21 years and this seemed like a great way to give back to the community.

There is no time obligation for this either, which is the real beauty, as people have families (and yes, this IS a family friendly event!) and sometimes can’t dedicate 2 or 3 hours. Come for the headshot and go, or stay for my copycat version of a Midwest pizza staple: Knockoff Rocky Rococo pizza and then some really endearing buffalo wings.

We’re also likely bringing out some karaoke equipment if anyone is feeling especially foolish :stuck_out_tongue:

THIS event right here is going to be a real barn burner, because it’s entirely unlike anything I’ve done before. We’ve got a big place with some nice decor and we could use a few good people to warm it up a bit!

RSVP right here and we’ll see you bad kids in November!

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