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Hey all! I have a question about permits. We’re fairly new to Peerspace so we’re learning as we go, but we accept about 4-5 bookings a month. To date these have been small productions, all photoshoots. Recently, we had a booking for a shoot where the production company got a permit with the city, so all of our neighbors got a “Notice of Filming” post on their door. This came as a surprise to us as we’ve been doing such small, low profile shoots, we did not want our neighbors to be notified every time we hosted one. We’re worried that this will draw unnecessary attention to our home and will become redundant given the number of shoots we’re hosting.

How do you all deal with this issue regarding permitting? Right now, we’ve updated our description to include only non permitted, smaller shoots but we’d like to find a better solution. Thanks!



All cities require permits for filming. I don’t know help peerspace productions are getting around this. Perhaps there is a policy embedded within the website that instructs people that this is the production company’s responsibility.



Were the productions shooting outside of your studio? Exteriors? I’d say it would be unnecessary for them to post on other businesses’ doors “notice of filming”. Maybe a simple “please don’t post on my neighbors’ doors” to the producer?



In CA it’s required by the film commission

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even at private residences?? I never knew that :open_mouth:



It’s The obligation of the production company or the scout. Go to California and look at their handbook called your house in a starring role.



I don’t believe that peerspace educates its hosts on this. And I also think that the people that are shooting skirt the issue unless it’s a big production company. Then they cannot get around it.



Hi Nada, I think it wise to be considerate of your neighbors, absolutely. Small photo shoots in your home where the area parking and traffic are not being impacted should not draw any critical attention. Filming with permits is another matter, and is a reality of life in Los Angeles. If the production is legit and permitted, they should manage the impact to your area. As long as this does not pose a big inconvenience to your neighbors, the occasional permitted shoot should be okay. I attended a Peerspace event where a woman said she had a house in the hills and was hosting a lot of filming. There were enough complaints that the Film Commision/FimLA said they would only grant two permits per month.



Article on the need for permits in LA:

Film LA - Do I Need a Permit?

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