Next Peerspace community event is NEXT WEEK!

Hi everyone, Deacon here!

I just wanted to send a quick reminder and a heads up that the next Peerspace community event for Los Angeles based hosts is fast approaching next week!

FREE tickets can be picked up at

This event is going to have great authentic Mexican food, fresca waters and we’re going to talk a bit about host safety.

It’s a nebulous topic, but we’re going to cover everything from insurance needs (yours, Peerspace and the renters’) and insurance CLAIMS to vetting renters and protecting yourself in the event of an incident (legal, criminal and even bad reviews!)

For anyone who has ever had an incident with a renter (almost everyone) or is worried that it might happen in the future, learn how to keep your space, yourself and your reputation intact!

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Just got my ticket! So excited. You were so helpful at the last Peerspace event so I wouldn’t want to miss out on this one :slight_smile: get your tickets guys!


Thank you so much Faith, I can’t wait to see you again!

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