Next event: Host safety and liability!


Hi everyone, Deacon here!

I hope you all enjoyed Eli’s event last night as much as we did and I wanted to start getting everyone rounded up and signed up for our next community event, hosted at our place near Marina Del Rey.

All of the details are here: (and please note that the time got glitched and said ‘11am’ at one point - it is DEFINITELY starting at 6pm!)

Host safety is one of those topics that don’t immediately ring a bell as being ‘mission critical’, but even more important than getting those bookings is keeping yourself, your home, your family and your property safe.

I’m going to share some anecdotes that are going to blow your mind, to drive home the need to properly vet your renters and monitor the goings on in your home or place of business. I won’t give away very much here, but we have had a few interesting experiences :slight_smile:

Learn how to properly document everything in a way that is legally admissible. Use technology to keep yourself safe (in surprising ways) and most importantly, learn how Peerspace has your back when incidents occur.

We’re going to have a pretty proper food spread - authentic Mexican food prepared by myself and my team (Sarah and Maria), so feel free to come with your appetites and bring a bib if you need one :wink:

What to expect: I talk fast and I talk a LOT. I’ll give time for Q&A afterwards, but there’s a ton of information I want to chew through, starting with the story of how a renter (FROM A DIFFERENT PLATFORM!) once tried to kidnap the three of us and how Amazon’s Alexa saved us.

I’ll be sharing stories of how $30 security cameras have saved us from multiple false allegations and he said, she said incidents.

I’ll show you how to create a GOOD set of house rules and how to present those rules to your renters.

Also, I will briefly touch upon the insurance process and how to properly submit a claim without raising your premiums. The process is different from what you’d expect!

Lastly, I will explain the process of how to know when to refuse a booking and how to properly ‘86’ a bad renter from your space in a way that keeps you safe!

About our space: Our home is…unique. It’s as close to a living, breathing thing that a home can possibly get. Everything is voice controlled, from the lighting to the alarm, even the blinds. I’ll show you all a few cool features and then show you how ridiculously cheap it is to set up and why you MUST have it when allowing strangers into your home.

Tickets are FREE. We as chapter leaders are volunteers, and we’re just happy to give back to our community. Get your free tickets right here: and we’ll see you June 4th at 6pm!


Thank you Deacon. You are amazing!


Thank you brother, it was amazing hanging out at your space and I’d love to get together to brainstorm some more events with you and Brad again!

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