New FREE event! Staging and photographing your space for increased conversions

Hi guys, Deacon here!

So our next few events are going to be a little different, in that they will be squarely focused on increasing your conversion rates and turning inquiries into paid bookings.

This first event is part one and will center around decorating your home for productions, staging and decluttering for photography and taking crisp new photos of your space.

There are some tips that will surprise you!) and some insight into what creative directors, producers and photographers are looking for (or at least, what I look for when I make recommendations to my own commercial photography clients.

Check out the event page here:

Part two (unannounced date in Sept) will be focused on ‘sealing the deal with your renter - converting inquiries into bookings’ and we’ll look into effectively communicating with prospective renters, from your listing to the initial inquiry, site visits and then finally the day of your booking. There have been a few changes to the Peerspace platform in recent weeks that we can touch upon and since our last event, I have added a permanent on-site rep/head of security, as well as additional security professionals that have made the process of hosting much smoother in recent weeks.

Part three (unannounced date in Oct) will be an open discussion about the business of hosting for a living. We’ll cover topics such as budgeting for home improvements, what exactly your ‘cost of doing business’ is, not giving away free rental time (going to be honest there - it’s not a good idea), tax write offs and increasing overall profitability, while also recapping everything we’ve covered in past workshops.

REALLY looking forward to seeing some new and returning faces!