**NEW DATE** TUESDAY AUGUST 6TH Los Angeles Community Event

I hope all are having a great summer! (despite the fact that summer has not actually arrived yet in Los Angeles.)

I am a Chapter Leader here, along with @Eli_P and @Deacon_T, and I hope you’ll save the date for our next community event: TUESDAY, AUGUST 6TH, 2019, in beautiful downtown Burbank, California.

Over the last three events, main topics have included How to Become a Power Host; Serving Alcohol at Your Events; How to Enhance Your Listing; and Host Safety. There is always lively discussion on a wide range of topics, and it’s such a pleasure getting to know our fellow hosts.

I would like to host more of a mixer/networking event this time, as I have seen how many hosts enjoy connecting with others with similar spaces, facing similar challenges. That being said, I also want to facilitate the interactions, and prompt some meaningful engagement. One idea is to invite a few hosts to speak very briefly about one problem they have solved, or one specific challenge they are facing and need help with. Say 3 minutes per person, just a few people giving mini TED Talks on a single issue. Let me know if you would like to present, and what topic you would like to address.

Then we will leave ample time for everyone to interact. I would love to hear any suggestions from the group about how to facilitate interactions and ensure that everyone comes away with actions they can take to enhance their hosting experiences. Post here or DM if you like.

Thanks for listening, I will post more as we pull everything together!

  • Brad

Wonderful Idea! Can not wait!
Thank you for putting it together @Brad_B!


Hmmm, I love the idea of mini TED talks!

Lord knows I need a time limit, because you all know I never shut up :slight_smile:

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Aaaaand … please don’t fire me. It was brought to my attention that our July 31st event conflicts with the Democratic Presidential Debates on July 30 and 31. We have rescheduled to our earliest available date.


I hope that will enable more folks to join us, and that it does not prove difficult for others.

I am truly looking forward the the evening, and with Peerspace’s release of a number of exciting new features, we will take advantage of our time together to discuss the best use of these features to enhance your booking process. I hope you will share your take on how they will serve you in your business.

Thank you everyone,

  • Brad


A few hosts pointed out that our event was SOLD OUT, but today we were able to add a handful of additional tickets. Grab one if you would like to join us, and message me directly if you have any problems.

I have been talking through the new features with Diane at Peerspace, and it is going to be quite valuable hearing a variety of perspectives from our experienced hosts. And we will have lots of time for your to discuss other topics most important to you with hosts one-on-one and in small groups.

Please join us to mix a little knowledge with friendship, music, food and drink. We look forward to seeing you there!

  • Brad

Looking forward to being there! Thank you for hosting @Brad_B!

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