Need different price option for weekend rentals and different rooms too!

Hi there,
We have been a rental studio for over 6 years now and only recently joined peerspace and got our first rental. Currently there is only a way to do the same hourly pricing for all days and times. You guys need to update your system that allows different pricing for different times and days. Let me explain. Because we are also a working studio we charge $75/hr for the hours of 9-6pm. Anything before or after that we consider overtime or extended hours which cost more, currently there is not a way to charge more for extended hours and we need to customize it manually. This is the same for instance weekend shoots. I need to pay an employee to come out for weekends so we charge more to cover those costs plus we have minimums on weekends meaning only half day or full day setups as its not in our best interest to get the rental space prepped for only a couple hours. With that said again we are having to do all this manually which annoys potential customers with all the back and forth as well as annoys us as well. Its very streamlined when someone contacts us directly though through our own marketing.

Lastly some studios are bigger and we have a large space with a separate green screen Studio B which we charge more because of the sound proofing and extra features and chroma paint. With that said there is not any options for tier pricing for different rooms etc. which would be beneficial as most bigger studios are setup this way. Just my two cents, would love to have all this integrated as the base platform is great, but could be better!


Hi Shaun,

Thanks for posting. You can certainly create pricing for different days and times such as a weekend rate or after hours rate. Check out this article on how to set this up on your listing.