Los Angeles - What would you like for future community events?

Hi everyone!

L.A. is lucky enough to have three chapter leaders, my friends @Eli_P and @Brad_B, and as of the time of this writing, all three of us have hosted our first Peerspace community events and they’ve been a real blast.

Not only have they provided great information, such as how to improve your listing, host events with alcohol and how to keep yourselves safe from liability as hosts, but they’ve been a chance for us as fellow hosts in the Peerspace community to come together and network, meet with like minded individuals with shared experiences. It’s pretty COOL.

So what do you guys think for the next set of meetings? Should we try:

  • Casual networking? I floated the idea towards the end of our event that perhaps we could act as each others’ site reps in the future in case we had a situation we weren’t completely comfortable with, or just needed another set of hands/eyes. Getting to know each other goes a very long way towards feeling less isolated and becoming a part of a community.

  • Burning topic? Is there a topic you’d like to know more about? Arming ourselves with knowledge helps to not only keep the bookings coming in, but educates us on how to resolve a situation. Some ideas that I had (as a photographer myself) were ‘taking better photos’ and ‘staging a space for photography’

  • Community event? Honestly, this is an open type of concept. It could be a ‘paint and sip’ event , karaoke, whatever!



This sounds cool, BBQs always fun too!

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I’m a HUGE fan of the barbecue - that’s an option!