Los Angeles Hosts - What would you like to see in a future community meeting? (revisiting)


@los-angeles-hosts I know that this has been asked before, but as a (one of multiple in LA) chapter leader, I would really love to flesh out ideas for future community events hosted at our studio.

The reason I’m revisiting this is that we all have strengths and weaknesses as chapter leaders and business owners and I want to tailor events around things that I’m a little better at (for instance, if you wanted an event centered around dancing, I would be HILARIOUSLY outmatched, unless anyone wants to learn ‘The Cabbage Patch’ or ‘The Sprinkler’).

I’m not sure how to create a poll, but I’d love to have an open discussion with your ideas. Some ideas I had of my own (again, based on my own experience and strengths) would be

  • host safety (using technology like cameras, security systems, Smarthome, etc) to your advantage, to keep yourself safe and reduce your liability. Our space has a pretty cool setup, with nearly a dozen security cameras, alarms, sensors, etc and it’s come in handy several times now

  • Creating a GOOD set of house rules and learning to enforce those rules without fear of reprisals (bad reviews, confrontations, etc)

  • Improving your listing: taking better photos of your space (I’m a commercial photographer by day, so I thought I’d throw this one in) and listing ethics - ensuring that your listing is honest and accurately portrays your space

  • Learning to identify risky renters, to trust your ‘spidey sense’ and say no to a potential bad situation

I am definitely game for other ideas and would really like to welcome discussion (and also to get to know a few of you!)


Hi Everyone,

Deacon and I would like to invite you to our Los Angeles Community events:

May 14 with @Eli_P (Improving your listing) starts at 7pm. Register here:

June 4 with @Deacon_T(Host safety) starts at 6pm. Register here:

If you have any questions let me know.


Thank you brother, you beat me to it!

My topic was almost prophetic as we had a very…eventful production rental over the weekend and I will have a couple of new topics to expound upon and also some new suggestions!

@los-angeles-hosts - I will definitely be in attendance at Eli’s meeting. I had the pleasure of meeting with Eli and he was some really amazing suggestions that I had never considered before.

Both events are going to be very interesting and it’s an excellent opportunity to network with our strong LA Peerspace community!


Hey Guys!

Just another shoutout for our community event.

I’m excited to share that I’ll be hosting my first Community Event on Tuesday, May 14th, in downtown LA ,as one of your Chapter Leaders and would love to see you there! We’ll be discussing how to improve your listings and get more bookings!

Limited seats available. If you’re interested in attending please RSVP here.


And hot on the heels of my esteemed colleague Eli, please don’t forget to also RSVP for my community event on June 4th at https://events.peerspace.com/events/details/peerspace-los-angeles-presents-host-safety-workshop-with-deacon-tyler-and-crew/#/

Host safety is a topic that we often don’t think about until it’s too late. Learn how to reduce your liability and avoid a negative experience (or review) with your renters by means of good documentation and establishing a great set of ‘house rules’.

We’ll also cover what to do if you have a concern on the day of your rental and I’m hoping that a few of us can network a bit as well to help each other out in certain situations.

We will have a full food spread prepared (and we want to make sure we have enough, so don’t forget to RSVP!) and you’ll also meet my team at Eli’s event too.

We met Eli recently and I can’t say enough good things about him - he had some SPECTACULAR ideas on improving listings, so if you look for the geek scribbling down notes, that’ll be me :slight_smile:


Hey Los Angeles Chapter!

Please do not forget to register for the workshop on coming on Tuesday (May 14 at 7pm) in downtown LA. We’ll be discussing how to improve your listings and get more bookings!

Limited seats are available. If you’re interested in attending my workshop please RSVP Here

Also, @Deacon_T will be having his workshop on June 4 on Host Safety in Marina Del Rey (very important concern we all have) Here

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Thank you all for coming to the event last night.

Do not forget to RSVP for @Deacon_T’s workshop on June 4 on Host Safety in Marina Del Rey! There is FREE parking! Here


Thank you for hosting and sharing with us last night @Eli_P!


Thank you for visiting, I hope there was a lot of information which will help you get more business here on Peerspace.