Longtime Hosts: How has December and January booked for you historically...?

Hi there, I have booked 2-3 production jobs/month pretty consistently over the past 4 months…Yay! November was very quiet as far as inquiries though… So I realize we are in an UNPRECEDENTED :thinking: year, but I’m wondering if an end of the year slowdown is typical? If so, do you normally book some jobs in December for January, once the holidays are over?

appreciate any feedback/shared experience…

Almost every business with the exception of retail slows down in December.

That being said, I’m a little surprised at the amount of booking and inquiries we received.

I turned down a couple of larger shoots on this platform and then I cancelled on on the ‘G’ platform (they demanded I pay for a rapid COVID test 12 hours before their shoot lol), but even then, I have like 6 or 7 little shoots booked for this month.

It’s nowhere near what it was a few months ago, but it’s something at least!

In “Normal” years it has been pretty steady - Although I also get quite a few holiday gatherings as well as film shoots. Los Angeles just went into another “safer at home” period so many groups have delayed their shoots until the first of the year.
SAG/AFTRA is also pretty strict about when and how their members can work during the pandemic so many shoots have been canceled or delayed.

Lots of variables, for me I was booking mostly events, with some off-site and some production. So we normally had a number of events in December. Now, on the production side, fortunately for us, a network is shooting a number of interviews for an end-of-year program, so they are suddenly booking us for a number of days this month. Ya never know!

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I’m in Los Angeles and only host film/production shoots. It’s been pretty steady since August despite the strict lock down we have here. In my area (San Fernando Valley) they are filming like crazy. I’ve been scouted at least 8 times since November, but only chosen once, which is fine since September and October were super busy for me.