Location/Tech Scouts

Do you guys charge for people coming by to do a location or tech scout? At first I definitely thought not to, but now that it happens pretty often and I have to co-ordinate being around, cleaning up again, etc. it seems like I may need to be compensated but not sure how. Has anyone else found a good solution?

Samantha, there are so many opinions on location scouts that I am sure most people will disagree with me, but here is my take:

Start out with amazing and up to date photos of your space. The better your photos are, the fewer location scouts you’ll need to do (I rarely get asked anymore - I usually just get booking requests).

I rent my condo/photography studio and I am often booked with rentals or projects of my own, so I will only set up a location scout in the 15-30 minutes before a rental.

When you show your space it should be in rental condition, with everything clean and organized, so it works out to have them come right before a rental.

A situation I personally try to avoid (because this is my home) is having to do a deep clean and wait around for someone who may or may not even book.

On the other hand, this probably isn’t an issue to someone renting out a big commercial space, as they pretty much just need to sweep up ahead of time.

Booking site tours right before a rental has an added benefit: people are forced to show up on time and they know that they have to be expedient, because you’re rental is going to show up.

But if there’s one thing I’ve learned on these message boards is that everything pertaining to hosting is highly subjective and personalized, so I’m sure my fellow hosts will jump in with their own policies to give a broader range of opinions! :slight_smile:


@Deacon_T is correct!
I typically have walkthroughs 15 mins before another booking, if I do not have anyone after I tell them at around 15-20 can we please wrap it up. Most locations 10 minutes is more than enough!

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God bless you Eli, this marks the first time nobody disagreed with me on a Peerspace forum post haha


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If a location scout lasts 1 hr do you typically change? We have had a few so far and they have only been 15 minutes so we did not charge.

At the 15 min mark I would discuss it with them and play by ear. You do not want to lose out on a potential client.

I don’t charge for photo/film scouts. They usually only last 15-30 mins at the most and it’s worth it for me. They’re usually done by professional photo/film people who understand that I’m doing them a favor by letting them in. They move through the process quickly.

My studio is also my office so I’m usually here working anyway. There’s no hassle of coming and opening up just for them.

Wedding/events are another issue. I’ve had people here for HOURS debating how to organize and arrange things. I usually tell them when they arrive that I have an appointment or something and need to leave in an hour. If they’re still here at that point, I kick them out.

I’ve also started aggregating tours for events to Sunday afternoons and Wednesday evenings. This keeps me from being here every night to accommodate people coming by after work to look. I can also manage my effort to keep the space clean and presentable knowing that people are only coming at those times.

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