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Hi again,

I get a ton of requests from people wanting a discount in return for tags on social media. Lol right? The requests have been from photographers, brands, and influencers.
Do you guys get this? How do you handle it?
Most people that come here tag my location as Bali, Costa Rica, Hawaii etc. It’s flattering and we dont blow anyone’s cover. We dont mind because they are paying full rates. It’s nice when they credit us but it seems most people want to keep us a secret.
However, to ask for a huge discount with the promise to tag me on “behind the scenes” seems absurd on so many levels. I sometimes dont mind working within budgets for the right client, I appreciate someone wanting to give something back, but really, IG stories, not even the main feed.
Another crazy thing is that even though they are professional and are the brand executive or an influencer, when they reach out they literally ask for a discount in exchange for “some tags”. When I ask them to be more specific they don’t professionally make a solid proposal for me to review.
Who else gets this? And what are your thoughts ?

I’m in Burbank, CA and we have a local food truck (ice cream). They have a sign that says “Influencers Pay Double.”

They get that all the time as well. “Give us free ice cream and we will tag you.”


Every industry gets this. If they do tag you, probably won’t matter, but half the time they don’t follow through. As a photographer, even friends do this to me, promises of exposure and then after something is printed without your credit: “Oh, I forgot,” or “it didn’t work with the design.”

We should all add to our rules: “We do not accept Exposure Bucks.”


I get these requests all the time. @Brad_B is a veteran in this industry I wish I asked him this a long time ago.
I had 1million IG followers come and use the space, they said they would tag us. We ended up having to reach out and ask over and over again. Honestly not worth the headache. If they become regulars you can provide free rentals no free time.


I always just say no, but I’m thinking, gee sure, let me give you a discount so a thousand more of your deadbeat friends can come through and not pay, sounds super! Sheesh!


I used to get this more when I began. Now that I have a number of celebrities on my page, I rarely get this. However, as I learned from a business before, I do not wish to live on hope. Even if they do tag me, in all probability, it will not result in further business. So . . . what I say is “Go ahead and tag me, but right now I need full price. If I find that I am getting business from your tags, I will give you a great discount next time.” Of course, that never happens.


Here is a relevant section from the Community Guidelines. This clause exists to limit the amount of spam or unqualified interest from those who are not prepared to pay for use of your space.

You may not Book Spaces in exchange for other services or goods in lieu of payment unless previously authorized by Peerspace.

While we want support parties’ ability to negotiate on price when necessary to facilitate a booking, we want to ensure you are receiving qualified interest in your spaces as much as possible. If you notice guests asking for free space in exchange for social media promotion, feel free to bring it to our attention (help@peersrpace.com) and our team will determine if the behavior violates the Community Guidelines.


Agree with all comments. I wonder if this is a more a LA thing? I don’t get that often in NYC. But if they offer credit for a discount (or free!) I pass. I’m happy to negotiate rates to a certain limit but then let them know that the credits don’t pay your rent!

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I get this in Brooklyn sometimes.

They usually offer to tag my studio and boast about how many followers they have. I use to work in advertising so I understand marketing and demographics. I use this experience and give 2 different responses depending on the person…

Option 1 — I say I’m willing to “invest” my potential rental income by “advertising” in their social network (giving them free stuff in exchange for tags/mentions). Then, I start asking the “influencer” about their reach in my area. How many followers do they have in NYC. How many of their followers would they say they could identify as potential clients for me? What percentage are photographers/producers/location scouts? Etc, etc…

They have no clue. Like, none at all. And so after having some fun with them, I say something like, “Well, that doesn’t sound like a smart advertising decision to me since I won’t know who I’m reaching. I think I’ll pass.”

Option 2 — I counter with an offer of a discount on their NEXT booking based on the number of bookings I get off their current request. Sort of like a referral code scenario — for everyone they send me I’'ll give them $XXX.XX off their next shoot.

Suddenly, they’re not as confident in their followers and push for the discount now. I then proceed to employ point #1 above :smile:


Very clever Geoffrey. That even better than the more abbreviated version of what I do.


Perfect Geoffrey, I love that.

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Geoff’s #2…discounts and credits are always about the NEXT booking.

If they’re truly planning on booking you again or referring friends/colleagues they always get excited when I offer credit or future discounts.

If they have a low budget, best bet is to be up front with it. We just had an example of this…guys asked if we could discount our new stage by about 50% because it was all they had. They were pretty sure they would be doing more in the future, but they were also very upfront with how much they had to spend.
We have multiple locations so we looked at a few more in their range, and then decided to give them our largest at a big discount…but it was our choice and they didn’t pressure us.

A week later, they brought two music videos in to shoot and I got a call from a referral of theirs looking for a corporate shoot. The music videos were also discounted, but we’re clearly their go-to place now and they’re always up front about their budget. They are also clearly pushing other clients our way, and it shows, so we continue to provide discounts.


That’s exactly what I thought the first time an “influencer” asked me for a discount in exchange for promoting my space. Lol!

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Yes, the whole thing is laughable. Either pay or be on your way.

The best this tells us is that we are dealing with flaky people. I suppose that’s worth knowing early on but otherwise this has no value.


omg it’s non-stop with people thinking their social media fame can pay for their livelihood. I love getting those requests cause they usually send their IG handles so we can have a good snoop, and sometimes chuckle, especially when they have lower followings than ourselves and immediate community! These almost out number the guests requesting discounts because they’re “artists trying to make it”. We always politely decline and they usually end up booking anyway.

I’ve definitely found that the real top-tier influencers and internet celebrities we’ve had come through never asked for anything, no nonsense, we didn’t even know they were big name talent until the day of the booking! Professionalism shines through in the communication!

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