Listing not showing up for Atlanta

Hi :slight_smile:
My listing doesn’t appear in the search results for Atlanta for photo shoots.
Here’s my listing:

I see listings from other surrounding areas. But mine does not show up in the results. Is there anything I need to do to get it to show up for Atlanta?

You’re right. It looks like it has Roswell as it’s own district, despite being a suburb of Atlanta (lol I’ve never been there, I had to Google it!)

It’s unfortunately not possible to make a new listing with Atlanta, but I wonder if you emailed if they would be willing to ‘merge’ Roswell and some of the other suburbs in with Atlanta?

It’s like in Los Angeles, all of those cities like Glendale, Burbank, Marina Del Rey, Venice, etc all list when you search for ‘Los Angeles’.

It could be because Los Angeles is also the name of the county, but I think it would help your listing immensely if they could merge the suburbs in with “The Greater Atlanta Area” or something

Send them an email; Peerspace is pretty reasonable!

Thanks a bunch for the advice. I was hoping something like a merge could be done. I will send them an email :slight_smile:

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