Legal issue- shut down- social distancing- please help

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My space received a ticket for social distancing violation, and received a cease and desist until our court date. My attorney says we will beat it easily! My problem is Peerspace is not cooperating with me at all, not responding to my emergency emails. My attorney needs a copy of the contract that Peerpspace has our guests sign. I have emailed peerspace 4 times and zero reponse. Please help. Does anyone have a copy?

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Of course I do!

Have a look at Peerspace’ full policy here: (check section 5.1) and there’s a link to the COVID-19 policy and cancellation policy with COVID addendum at


Wow, you are the first person on Peerspace we have heard of who is being controlled. Thanks for letting us all know to be aware. Can I ask where you are located and what the fine amount is (if anything)? As Deacon pointed out Peerspace has all their terms and conditions online, it just takes a P.I. to find them (Deacon is a great resource). I wanted to add though that Peerspace’s policies won’t cover you if you are violating any local laws or ordinances. Peerspace leaves it up to you to find out what your local laws are and assumes that you are conducting business without breaking any local laws. It has been very difficult for us to even find out from our local officials what the new rules even were for our business, plus, once we did kinda figure it out, the rules kept changing. One day they weren’t allowing any indoor businesses to operate, then 25% capacity was okay, then 50%, then back to 25%. It’s all very confusing. We’d all like to know what your specific violation was for more precisely if you can share. We all appreciate helpful anecdotes to learn how to better run our businesses right now.


You need to receive a dividend from Peerspace with all the work you do for them.

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I too am curious how many ppl were there and what area? Disappointed to hear that a rep at Peerspace isn’t responding at all? They do reply to all my Q’s…hope it works out well.

Peerspace must remove number of people from public reviews. Especially given their answer above that they dont want to have anything to do with violations other than thoughts and payers. At the same time they encourage such citations by posting private business information publicly for all to see forever.

nah it’s my pleasure; I really like helping my fellow hosts! :smiley:


Alright, so here is what I pulled up after doing some research:,single%20household%20is%20prohibited.

This was last updated on 6/26/2020, so if your event was after that, you are allowed to host events of up to 50 people. The page doesn’t specify number of people per square foot either, so as long as your event had less than 50 people, they have no case.

If your event (hypothetically) had MORE than 50 people (which we know it didn’t), they still have no case, as they have to somehow prove that there were more than 50 people. Which is nearly impossible and even if it were, the cost of resources and manpower would vastly exceed the value of the ticket and even still, this would be a reject case by the DA. If not the DA, then any jury.

If the state’s position is that social distancing wasn’t maintained, then not only can you not enforce social distancing, but they have to PROVE that social distancing wasn’t enforced.

Either way, maintain your innocence and say nothing else.

If it makes it into court, they will try to offer you a deal. They do this with speeding tickets. I got a speeding ticket once and what I said when they tried to offer me a deal was “nope and we can go to court and then I’ll demand a jury trial and the cop either won’t show up, or you won’t be able to prove your case”.

I was told that they don’t do jury trials for speeding tickets…but that’s a lie and I had a printout showing that you can demand a jury trial for pretty much anything.

Court cases like these hinge on them getting you to admit guilt. The burden of proof makes cases like these extremely difficult to prosecute (unless it was something egregious, like 400 people in one venue).

Good luck, but you have nothing to worry about. I would even ask your attorney about the possibility of ignoring the cease and desist or having it thrown out, citing financial hardship!


Thanks for sharing. I pray everything works out for you in court.

I like Peerspace’ stance on this. I do agree that the number of guests and the type of booking (event, production, off-site) should be removed from reviews, as there’s no benefit to knowing this, but Peerspace ultimately wants to limit their liability.

Peerspace limiting their liability benefits us, as it ensures the Peerspace will weather the storm and won’t go down in a hail of lawsuits and injunctions.

Ultimately these are our spaces and our businesses and Peerspace’ only horse in the game is to provide us with a platform with which to list our spaces. Think of it like Google Adwords or Zillow or something!


Thanks for your valuable input you provide on this platform


thank you Frederica, you guys are too nice to me!

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Until Covid or the Thought thereof is over with, or at least in Nashville, any type of gathering is going to be out of the question. We had a reprieve this summer, but covid is about to do its thing again. So the state and local laws are going to prevail in the end, we went for the exits in March when we saw what was going on. With the threat of not being able to evict, we liquidated many of our rentals in the lower income brackets as well. Until the vaccine is ready and people loose their paranoia about this, this is going to be the topic of discussion for a long time and the psychological implications will last for generations, every wonder why you see people from asia all wearing masks, they already got bit so, were next and the best is yet to come.