LA stay at home order & Peerspace: keep calm and carry on

Today I received my first “stay at home order” related cancellation request.

Well, it wasn’t a request per se, it was a guest messaging me through the platform, requesting a refund.

Let me start out by saying that I genuinely feel bad for anyone affected by the new stay at home order in Los Angeles, but in truth we are all affected by the stay at home order, myself included.

If you can afford to cancel people and refund them, then not only am I jealous of you, I applaud you for doing it.

But if you’re like me and need the money from hosting, as well as whatever your day jobs are, it’s important to know Peerspace’ position on COVID related cancellations, as I suspect we’re all going to be pasting it into chat windows at some point:

Cancellations for bookings made after March 25th will be refunded and paid in accordance to the Host’s cancellation policy listed at the time of the booking’s confirmation. If a payout is due to a host from a nonrefundable guest-initiated cancellation, it will be processed for deposit within a reasonable timeframe (usually within 7 days).

COVID is a known factor and an accepted risk when guests book your space. For now (FOR NOW), filming isn’t suspended and non essential businesses aren’t closed (yet, but they will be)

We’re all victims right now and that includes Peerspace. Many guests, who accepted the policies when they booked, are going to be requesting refunds that many of us can’t afford to give.

My stance is going will be apologetic, but adhering to policy. I wish I could do a whole lot more, but this is the world we’re in right now. But at the same time, I don’t want to see Peerspace get flooded with negative reviews or see any damage to the platform itself.

Let’s hope that people acclimate to the NEW new normal and that the affect on us and the platform is as minimal as possible.


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Thanks for leading the way by example, Deacon.

Yes, it shouldn’t be the host’s who carry the weight of this burden alone.

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yep we’ve just had 4 full day bookings for next week cancel on us today. Some of them didn’t actually cancel but simply sent a message saying “The production is cancelling due to covid and we expect a full refund as it’s out of our control”

I’ve sent a handful of messages explaining that they actually need to cancel by pressing cancel, and explaining the Peerspace policy and suggesting they contact Peerspace support…but there’s not much else we can do as hosts if the guests aren’t responding to any messages!

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exactly! I greatly dislike when they simply send a message or worse, when they look up my contact info and call me. It’s weird and unnerving and they know full well how to cancel their bookings! :slight_smile: