Introducing the Peerspace Community Events Program

Hello hosts!

We’re sure you’ve heard murmurs of the new Community Events Program already, but we wanted to make an announcement now that the cat is out of the bag. Our first official event was last night and we’re excited for many more!

Tour the site to learn more and RSVP for the next event near you:


From intimate fireside chats to Q&A sessions, community events bring you together to meet, create, and celebrate in amazing Peerspace locations across the country.

Expect to connect with fellow hosts in your area, bond over shared experiences, and learn from meaningful peer-to-peer discussion.

Events are led by Chapter Leaders who are active Peerspace hosts with impressive expertise and a desire to connect their local communities. You’ll recognize them by their badge:


We hope you’ll attend our next community event and learn something new!

The Peerspace Team


My team had an amazing time at Eli’s place last night and I hope you join us at our space on June 4th at 6pm, for a discussion on host safety and reducing liability.

We are going to have great food (I’m not humble about our cooking skills) and I’m going to share not only information, but some great anecdotes from myself (Deacon) and my team: Sarah, Maria and Amazon’s Alexa (yes, THAT Alexa).

Tickets are limited and this is information you need to have as Peerspace hosts, so get your free tickets at while you still can!!

Looking forward to it - thank you @Deacon_T!

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Hello all,

Me and my team are already getting ready for the first Chapter Leader in NYC next Wednesday June 5th At 7pm. A lot of you guys already RSVP’ed, but leaving link to the event below in case you haven’t yet. We would love to see you there!

Also - we will be opening a thread in the NYC group soon to see if you guys have suggestions on topics you would like to discuss in the panel.

Thank you