I just hit 20 reviews - very positive experience so far

I’ve just hit twenty reviews for my new space and there’s almost no point to this post besides to rejoice a bit.

I hit this milestone right as my ‘new listing’ search ranking boost wore off and I immediately raised my rates a bit (still not at my goal).

While I don’t expect to get nearly as many bookings until COVID is more managed, the reviews are just phenomenal. Nearly all of them talk about the cleanliness of my place and the sterilization tactics I use (I sterilize after I don my mask, so when they walk in, it always smells like bleach in the bathroom, lemon scented or pine scented ammonia on the floors, isopropyl alcohol and essential oil on fabrics, etc) and I leave 6-7 of the bottles in the kitchen sink as a subtle hint that the place is freshly sanitized.

I have to say, I don’t know if it’s my lower price, or the area I’m in or what, but the guests have been mostly amazing. Mix of music videos, photographers and filmmakers. Nearly all are artists of color (I’m a POC myself, so it makes me so proud to see) as well.

I used to have all of these ‘weird’ issues at my old Peerspace place, but things have really been looking up!

Like I said, bookings are sure to cool off for a while (last I checked, I’m now on like page eight on Peerspace), but my experiences have been extremely positive so far. It’s been one of the only really positive aspects of post pandemic 2020.


Can you put the link. I would love to see it

Congrats Deacon! I’m experiencing the same awesomeness!!! My bookings have actually been quite constant, I’m even considering expanding to another venue to manage the demand. I love hearing and seeing other poc killing it in the event space industry and would be happy to support your listing however I can! :slight_smile:

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I’ll have some updated pics very soon!

Thank you and Likewise!!!

https://www.peerspace.com/pages/listings/5f2f302e728f17000c150c3c finally added a few new images!