How would you all feel about a hosting podcast?

Hey guys, Deacon here.
Alright, so back in the day we had a ‘chapter leader’ and community events program. Both were put on hold and I feel that Peerspace made the right decision.

But it left a pretty big opening for something to take its place.

Back in February, I was planning on creating a podcast about hosting. I’d made a little recording booth and got a little Yeti X microphone and learned how to edit sound.

Then the pandemic hit and that microphone got dusty really quick.

I honestly had planned on ending my hosting career at that point, I’d told my family that, despite them initially claiming a two week shutdown, that the pandemic was going to rage on for a very long time.

I was right, but what I was totally wrong about was that I returned to hosting after moving into my new home and I love it now in a way that I never did before.

My boundaries are better, my space is better and I think that the way I relate to guests is much better.

But I read a lot about the issues that other hosts are having and I keep thinking “I could help them!”

I’ve met a lot of hosts personally - a LOT and I like them all. You all are colleagues and good people.

So I want to put it out there to see if anyone would listen to 30-60 minute audio or even video clips and if so, are there any requests?

I’ve had such a good experience since my return that I’d like to start giving back.

I’d always thought it would be neat to answer questions, interview hosts about their experiences and maybe share some tips.

I’m just a host like you guys and in no way do I represent Peerspace or consider myself as somehow about everyone else, I just like to share and help. We can talk about everything from cleaning tips, to security systems, improving profiles, showing confidence in difficult situations, etc.

I’m An extremely open conversationalist, With a good working knowledge of business law which Helps a little, I think.

I also want to put it out there that if any of you in Los Angeles have an issue with a guest, you can send me a message.

I can recommend solutions to problems, weigh in on potential red flags, talk to your guests if you’re in a challenging situation and in an emergency, I can help clear people out of your home.

I’m just one guy and might not always be able to get back To you fast, but I’d do my best.

I’m not backed by Peerspace and I don’t work for them, I just care a lot about the community


I think it’s a fantastic idea, Deacon. You should totally do it. I have a long hosting history and a long list of brands who’ve shot in my space. If you start the pod and need guests, I’m volunteering.

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That would be amazing! I think I work best when I have someone to talk to (keeps me from just droning on), so I will definitely take you up on that!

Good idea!
If you need a NYC host guest, happy to join (I rep many spaces most of which are listed on Peerspace.)
Thanks, Claudia

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I’m interested. Hit me up.

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I think this is an awesome idea. I do have a lot of questions regarding liability and additional insurance - not sure if you can help? I own a dance/fitness studio and have been closed to my members since March. I have been renting my space out on Peerspace prior to Covid and since. However, my regular ins. policy does not cover me for rental for parties/bachelorettes/showers/video shoots, etc. What rental form do you use with your clients - PS doesn’t seem to offer any help in this regard? Your thoughts? Carol - AZ

Hi Carol,
I’d recommend looking at another insurance company. I personally use Hiscox, which has covered me for bookings in the past.

But most importantly, it’s critical to make sure that your guests all have insurance. I strongly recommend, as they can purchase insurance by the hour and it’s extremely low cost.

Make sure that they list you (and the correct address) as additional insured, so that you can file a claim if need be.

The one time I didn’t ensure the guests added me as additional insured, was during a student filming in which they trashed my place just by being reckless kids, rushing to break down and not properly protecting my stuff.

They were insured and they were ON CAMERA, but for whatever weird reason, they denied that they caused the damage.

I ended up filing a claim with my insurance and then they went after the guests’ insurance company.

So that ‘additional insured’ line is everything