How much extra fee to charge for projector etc

I have a dance studio but the room can be used also for conference etc… Would love to have an idea how much extra fees to charge for extra projector, screen, chairs, tables because we do have to set them. If the client rents for a class or rehearsal then the studio can be used as is and I don’t need to charge anything extra.
Thank you in advance for your insights!

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All fees depend on location. In one city it could be under 50. In another, it could be above 200. Just depends on market and the type of equipment. We try to have a range of 75-95 for the projector based on its quality and frequency of use. Projectors will be used less the closer you are to outside rentals, so it must be a bargain if you want frequency. General rule of thumb is to charge 10-25 percent of the purchase cost. Chairs can be $1-3 for standard folding, tables $5-10. Obviously you would need to account for the Peerspace cost too. Labor should be factored in but not much since it’s on site.

Hi Hao,

Thank you for reaching out! It usually depends how expensive the items are. Those add-ons usually range from $30-50, though we encourage you to consider the items original cost, etc. to make sure you’re fairly compensated for the value you’re providing! If you’re not sure where to start, you can price these on the lower end and update costs over time depending on how frequently the items are used.

Feel free to check out the types of add-ons you can charge for!


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Hi Hao, welcome to the community!
Based on our experiences and assuming a 1000-2000sq/ft space, I would recommend buying a $900-$1200 HD or 4K projector and offering it for about $75-$100/day. We offer ours at $75 and see a lot of use for small meetings and workshops.
You’ll want at least 5000 lumens to be sure guests can see images clearly with the lights on. If you only have one screen option, the projector and screen should be included together as a package.
Chairs and tables are sometimes included in a multi-use athletic space but if you have some decent folding chairs you can offer them at $1-$3 each for meetings. Tables are a little more, maybe $5-$10 each.
You can either charge a little more for labor, say $50/hr for setup or increase you rates a little bit and include setup with the rental.
If your space is significantly larger or smaller you may want to scale your pricing accordingly.
Hope this helps, and of course this is just for reference, your space will have it’s own unique needs.