How do I file Peerspace income in my Taxes?

I’m pretty confused how to report my income from peerspace on my taxes. Peerspace doesn’t sent a 1099 now. Instead they send basically an excel document with your payouts. Would I still file this on my taxes as a 1099? Or do I file as a rental property even though I’m actually renting myself?

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Anyone? 1099-misc or 1099-K? Sch E?

HI I also just sent Peerspace a question about 1099-K. If they don’t send 1099’s then you can list it as rental income even if you rent your location. It is considered “subrent” but still rent income. If your income from Peerspace is less than $600 annually then they don’t have to issue you a 1099-K and you can choose to report it or not.
We do still need to know if those who earned over $600 need to report it separately in 1099 reportings or as general rental income.

Let me know if you got an answer back. thx