Hosting a Peerspace Community Event


I’m interested in learning more!


I would be happy to host, but not sure my space is big enough for a huge event, I guess it depends on how big of a turn out you are expecting/hoping us to host? would hosts have to sign up for each event to reserve their spot (with a capacity limit per event)? I am in Brooklyn…so was wondering… for large cities such as New York (which has many many hosts) would we be hosting by neighborhood or our entire city?

Also would this be an opportunity for hosts to discuss their experiences and voice concerns for ways to improve the peerspace system and website?

or would this predominantly be aimed for us to network with each other?

thanks !


I’m interested in learning more. I would like to host a Chicago chapter. Potentially with other peerspace hosts in my area - rotating every month or so.


I would be interested in becoming a community host in Marin county Ca.
Please contact me with information.

Thank you


Hello! I would be interested in hosting here in SF. We are in a somewhat industrial part-Dogpatch/Bayview and have plenty of street parking. I could not host every month, but 4-6 times per year. What times typically are the events and how many people- min-max.

Thanks, Melanie


Hi @Spencer I would love to be the Peerspace Chapter Leader of San Diego!


I would to do this for the Austin market!


I would like to learn more, we’re located in Santa Monica.


Hi Spencer,

I would love to host events in my location in downtown LA.


Hello all,

Since seems that increased promotion of our listings would be an incentive for this, we also would be highly interested. We have spaces in Brooklyn and Manhattan.

Thank you


Yes We’d love to host in the Atlanta area. We have 12,000 sq ft available in various spaces and layouts.