Hosting a Peerspace Community Event


Are there any hosts who would be into the idea of becoming a ‘Peerspace Chapter Leader’? In this role, you would be an advocate for your local community by helping us host periodic community events in your city.

Curious to hear everyone’s general thoughts about taking part in growing our offline community.


Hey Spencer, I would be happy to host events at my space in Burbank.


Great to hear this Brad! We’d love to help you take part in this effort. One follow-up question for you - if we were interested in monthly community events at your space, is that something that you would sign up for? What would you need from us to help support that effort? We’d of course provide you with the content and materials necessary to make the event educational.


Possibly… what would it involve?


I would possibly be interested in San Jose, CA area, however, not in my space, you don’t know who you would get. I also work in my space and it would be more secure and feasible to have it at a public venue, which would incur and cost and no mention was made of COST to be on such an event. It has to be mutually beneficial.


Hi @Tim_D and @Mickelin_B! Happy to address your concerns.

Peerspace would provide you with an agenda and an event format. We’d also provide you with all of the necessary content to have a successful event (Power Point slides, Q&A slides, etc.), as well as financial support (food & beverage coverage, vendor sponsors).

We are open to discussing different types of compensation in exchange for your time—is there a specific incentive that would get you really excited about hosting an event? We’re all ears!


Wow this is super exciting and I think a major opportunity. Working with peerspace I have found major opportunity and areas to network. Yesterday i was having lunch at a local restaurant while surfing the internet. While doing so I came across a peerspace paid for ad on random website, in this peerspace paid for ad it featured MY LOCATION, YES MY LOCATION!!! Now i don’t know if it was generated by my most visited sites but I was able to share it through my social media with friends and family. I believe I’m one of peerspace biggest advocates. I love the site and all of the cool opportunities it offers. I’m young and very enthusiastic about the site and would love to bring others on board!! I also event plan and have a whole team of decorators and designers. Also I could provide my spaces, funds, and great ideas to the team. I have great ideas for mixers and events to help make peerspace as HUGE as it deserves to be in the Atlanta market. So in other words id love to become “ATLANTA’S PEERSPACE CHAPTER LEADER !”


So very happy to hear this, @Mauryssa_J! I’ll connect with you separately offline to chat through what becoming a chapter leader might mean. In the meantime, feel free to DM me if you have other thoughts/ideas about how we might best collaborate. Cheers!


Hi Spencer and All - Happy New Year! I would be open to the idea of co- hosting. Meaning rather than host it every month I think for example I could be one of 4 - 6 annual hosts +|-rotating throughout the year to host. This would spread the responsibility and keep it more interesting. My space is in an industrial complex where all my neighbors are closed at night so plenty of parking. I also have a full kitchen in the main space so easy for catering.
I am based on the west side in the Marina Del Rey area. I don’t think I could comiitt to monthly so think this might be a good alternative for many others.


Hi @Spencer - do you have further details on this so we understand the scope, benefits, etc of this? I would like to give it a thought once we understand better all the details.


Thanks for this additional context, @Robert_R! This feedback will help us as we begin to draft up the initial parameters for the program.


Hi Spencer!

I could help.



I would be happy to host a Chicago chapter. It would be great to get feedback and share experiences with other hosts. Let me know what would be involved so I can manage and prepare my team.


@Spencer- We’re definitely interested in being part of this and would love to chat some more.


@Eduard_M - the scope of this program is still in the definition phase, so I don’t have a whole lot of information at the moment. Having said that, if you have ideas about the rewards that you might like to see in exchange for participating in this type of program, I’d love to hear them. Do keep in mind that we’d provide you with a ton of resources and help, so you wouldn’t be going it alone.

@Mike_K, @Laura_Y and @Darling_G - thank you so much for raising your hands to participate! I’ll make a note of this internally and will reach out to you in the coming weeks to discuss potential next steps. Cheers!


Hi @Spencer

We might also be interested in the SF Bay Area.



Hi all! For those interested in becoming Peerspace Chapter Leaders—of the below incentive options, which one(s) would be the most appealing to you?

    • Increased Promotion of your Peerspace Listing(s)
    • Spotlight in our Monthly Host Newsletter
    • Additional Digital Badge on your Peerspace Profile
    • A Complimentary Photo Shoot for your Peerspace Listings
    • Free Monthly Peerspace Consultations While Being a Chapter Leader
    • Priority Support from our Customer Experience Team
    • $100 per Event with at Least 10 Attendees, $5 per Additional Attendee ($200 max per Event)
    • $5 per Attendee (no min.), up to $150 per Event

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That sounds like fun and I’d be very interested in hosting in our space near Marina Del Rey! :slight_smile:


Just to be clear, I would be happy to host one event to see how it goes. We have an ideal location in the Hollywood Hills just north of the Sunset Strip, plenty of parking and good size kitchen and rooms for presentations, etc.

Would love to meet other Peerspace owners! When are you thinking of starting this?


I would love to host the Chicago chapter! My studio is in a great area for something like this. The neighborhood is very responsive to community events and best yet it is so easy to get to!