Homeowners - what kind of insurance do you carry for your Peerspace bookings?


Peerspace provides a General Liability policy but it’s smart to have working knowledge of the additional insurance coverage you should have in place for the bookings you host.


Hey Spencer,

Great point. Peerspace does a good job of giving an overview of their policy here: www.peerspace.com/peaceofmind …but it’s important to remember that it’s supplemental coverage and does not account for potential property damage. Always do your research!

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Hi Grace,
Can you or someone at Peerspace provide the potential options folks should look into to ensure their space is well covered.

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Hi Julie,

Great question! If you’re unsure of what primary coverage you should have to ensure you, your space, and your guests are protected, we would encourage you to speak directly with a licensed broker.

Are there any Peerspace homeowners out there willing to share their thoughts or recommendations when it comes to particular insurance carriers?


I am located in NYC and I demand a certificate of insurance from all my clients.
This is your only way of being protected if your clients cause damage to your space and furniture.
If they do not have their own insurance, I send them to eventhelper.com
they can book insurance through the website (provide them with your address, contact, title etc) and protect themselves against damage costs to your space.
It will cost them 100-200$ depending on what they select (photo or video, number of crew).
It’s a great system.
Since the deductible is $1000, they do not cover guests for damage less than that amount, so I also ask clients for a $350 security deposit. It takes care of any small damage and it also makes clients act more cautious with your space.

:slight_smile: hope this helps!


I love Event Helper. I too found them to offer insurance for all kinds of events. MY QUESTION is how can we make sure the renters actually SIGN UP FOR IT IN ADVANCE! (Since many of them are either a) lazy, or b) think the Peerspace insurance covers everything (it doesn’t).

I know you guys have liability coverage, but how can we add property damages insurance as part of our bookings. Is here a way to add it automatically (like say, the way the cleaning fee is) so that it can be part of the INITIAL booking? I have spoken to many event insurance agents and they will provide the coverage for all kinds of events (baby showers, birthday parties, photo shoots, etc…) but I need a way to bake it into the deal (to collect and require proof outside of Peerspace is a bitch and many simply won’t get it done before their booking begins…)

What are your thoughts and suggestions for handling this the most efficient way possible?? Thanks!


Hi Amalia.
How are you collecting, holding and returning/refunding the Security Deposit for guests? Credit Card purchase HOLD? Check? or somehow via Peerspace?



Thanks for the information about event helper


Tim that is a great question and I would like to know as well. Could it be connected to the booking. I see it working the same way as when you are sending a package through USPS and to get an estimate of a cost you submit your zip code and it calculates it for you.