Guests unable to locate directions

I’m regularly told by guests that they are unable to locate the directions after they book a shoot. Our studio is located in a large complex, and simply Google mapping the address will get someone completely lost. They also won’t know the designated parking stops or how to get through the gate. And now with new Coronavirus procedures in place, there are additional rules. I now message every single guest reminding them to look at the directions, but many still have difficulty locating them in their confirmation or booking screen. It seems the directions screen as provided by Peerspace is not easy to reach. Which means about half of all guests call as they wander around our complex lost. Has anyone had this difficulty? Any suggestions to overcome it?

I too have this same issue… and copy the directions from my previous guest to new guests the day before the booking…

In addition to the directions I also remind my guest to pass this information on to all members of their team… since my guests often come in separate groups.

Perhaps Peerspace can send the directions in a reminder email the day before the booking… Just one idea.

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The first thing I do upon accepting a booking is ask the client for their best email address and cell number. We then email a floorplan and other information about our space. You could create an email with directions to your space and encourage your guest to forward it to all their attendees.

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