Guest wants to sell alcohol at my space


What should i require if someone wants to sell alcohol at there event?


Hi @Charles_W if a potential guest wants to sell alcohol they will need a liquor license.

Some important questions to ask, are who will be providing the alcohol (a beverage caterer, the event host, or BYOB), if the event will be open to the public or if it will be a closed guest list, and the ages of those attending the event.

Then you would want to check with your local Alcohol Beverage Control and consult your city’s local event requirements to make sure that all regulations surrounding alcohol are complied with.

For any event involving alcohol, It’s highly recommended that you have your guest purchase day of event insurance with liquor liability coverage.

If your guest would like to bring in outside alcohol and needs a vendor to do so, our Concierge team is happy to arrange beverage catering. They can be reached at and will have more information on the types of services available to your guest in your area.


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Thank you @Lawrence_A. I will make sure I add that into the my event space policy moving forward. Always better safe then sorry.

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