Guest Requested Discount

Would love other hosts thoughts on this - what would you do??

Context: Our guest was booked from 12pm to 5pm and asked to extend to 6pm. We extended him at the standard rate rather than 1.5x. His guests then actually left at 6:15pm. Nice guy, easy to host so I was surprised by his text.

Keep it simple and don’t charge him the extra hour, fifteen.


I would Not give any Money Back, You Cannot Control the Rain, Just charge them the Extra Hour.


Just play nice. Make your customer happy with a discount. And secure a great review.

It’s great that you have the overtime to play with. A leak is not great, and he sounds pretty chill about it. You could waive the overtime, and should get a good review. Or charge for just 30 min at straight time.

I have been battling leaks in my roof for 3 years, and have managed to never have a leak during an event. I would feel it reasonable for guests to complain about a leak. I thought I had mine under control, then saw a leak Thursday an hour before my booking, water dripping right where the presenter would be standing.

I raced home, grabbed a tarp, got up on the roof and covered that area, fingers crossed. No leak. Exhausting.

Ok. Somewhat shady on behalf of the client, but you can’t blame him for asking, I guess.

Couple of options that I use…

1: Extend a discount, but don’t make the first offer
I’ve found in the past that when I’ve extended the offer first, I end up giving away more than what the customer was expecting. To counter this, I say something like, “I’d be happy to compensate you for the inconvenience because I’d certainly like to have you back and get a friendly review. What make you feel comfortable?”

If they want something ridiculous, counter with something more reasonable.

2: Offer a discount on the NEXT booking
Obviously this depends on the client, but if they’re someone who might book again, offer them a nice discount on their next booking. This way, you’re offering a deal to settle their feelings about the leak, but there’s nothing out of your pocket upfront. The cost to you only comes into play if they book again.

Hope that helps.
~ G


Hi Graham
I think I would meet him where he’s at. He is going with the can’t hurt to ask path, I find those clients, generally, handle it ok if they receive the same in return. I would try something along the lines of:

We were pleased to extent your reservation beyond your scheduled booking, and were even ok, letting your guests stay an extra 15 minutes past that.

We do apologize again for the inconvenience of the leak. As an act of good faith we would like to offer you a 10% discount on your next visit.

Hi everyone and thanks for the input.

Resolution: We did not agree to a refund after reminding him that we’d provided the extra hour at a reduced rate even through it would cost us more money to push the scheduled cleaning team back one hour.

Observation: It’s telling that several of your responses advised giving a refund to ensure a good review. If the Peerspace review feature was truly fair, hosts should be able to engage with guests without worrying about a bad review.