Glitch with calendar sync

Just wanted to give a heads up that we encountered a weird glitch syncing our calendar with Peerspace.

I’m on PC, using Outlook on Office 365 and it appears that Peerspace stopped syncing within the last week.

I received an instant booking for a date that I had blocked off on Outlook and I discovered that my Outlook calendar was no longer syncing. I had to cancel that event unfortunately, because we were already booked.

I messaged Peerspace and it took me all day to find the glitch: Cronofy (the name of the calendar sync that peerspace uses) no longer syncs with office 365. Instead, it gives an error message when I try to reconnect.

I fixed the problem by syncing with iCloud instead, but just wanted to put that out there, as I had to cancel a booking and wouldn’t want to see anyone lose their power host status or receive a penalty as a result of a glitch!

On the bright side though, I’m sure VERY few people are syncing through Office 365 on Windows haha :smiley:

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Hi @Deacon_T, if you’re receiving that error you should be able to connect your calendar using the “” option (rather than Office 365). Thanks for pointing it out to us. Best, Rony

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Hi Rony!
Thank you so much - I was able to reconnect with iCloud and everything is syncing once more, but I just want to make sure we don’t lose our Power Host status over the glitch. I felt very terrible having to cancel a renter over it :frowning: