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Hi @Deacon_T. @Eli_P !! Let me know what you think. We have had great success and now nothing at all (inquiry or bookings) for months. It makes no sense?

Please let me know if there is a cancellation I would like to attend. My space is new and even though I have great ratings on Airbnb I’m trying to make some changes to the space that would make it a good fit for events and filming which we have had a bit of.
John Portaro

I am new on the platform. I have been greatly enjoying peerspace over the other platforms so far. 5 inquiries, 4 bookings in the first month. Maybe it is due to over-saturation of the market and pricing? No idea, It has been quite after the first 2 weeks on the platform, which were great. Best, Luca

Hi Jennifer,
Let me start out by saying that your home is TOO beautiful. The styling, the photos and the features are just out of this world gorgeous!

What I think is hurting your listing:

  • The title " An unexpected interior in a rustic setting with an amazing view" is hurting your listing, as the wording implies deception. Even though it is intended to create a sense of wonder, it’s just the way that the human brain works. People want to know what to expect, but it also doesn’t properly convey what an INCREDIBLE space you have, which brings me to my next point:

  • Your main image should be something a little more majestic. About 80% of your photos are GORGEOUS, but the other 20% are really really hurting it.

The main image that I see when I go to your listing is a very small crop of a living room that’s missing so much context.

Your home is so beautiful that I don’t even know what to suggest for a main image and that’s a good problem to have.

For my own space, I keep re-using this big panorama of my condo. It’s not even my favorite picture by far, but it shows the kitchen, the stairs, the office, patio, you can see a couple pieces of furniture and you can see where the bedroom is in the background.

Because people have short attention spans, in the next ten images, I try to show the bedroom, the other side of the main studio, the office and the patio as quickly as possible so that I don’t cause eye fatigue and introduce variety.

I love most of your photos, but I would remove any photos taken in the middle of the day (there were a couple of overexposed shots I saw in there) because nobody wants to shoot at that time.

Spend 2-3 days shooting at 90 minutes before sunset and keep revisiting the same areas and shooting them in different light until you find the ones that you LOVE. Showing the outdoor area with the string lights at dusk, a few minutes after the sun sinks below the horizon line and the sky is painted in oranges and pinks, with the string lights all lit up would do SO well!

So some new ‘wow’ photos and picking the most majestic main image possible would solve half of your issues. The next is to create a title that will pull people in.

Having the square footage helps, because people have needs and want to know how big the space is. Some spaces look amazing in pictures, but then they find out it’s 1000 square feet.

In the title, either mention the size of your home, or mention the size of the lot, whichever sounds more exciting.

Here’s an example (and I’m sure you can do better than me): “restored 1950’s ranch home on 1 acre, with view” and then add “with animals, patio, etc” - anything to keep them pulled in. You can even use catchphrases like “atomic age restored 1950s ranch home” - anything to bring them in and make them read the rest.

You are so close with that beautiful home that I know you’re going to do well.

Another tip (and this is one that unfortunately cannot be fixed) is that being in thousand oaks might require some of the viewers to zoom OUT on their map to even find you, which may be hurting your conversion rates (don’t quote me on that!)

I really do hope that helps and thank you for sharing such a stunning space!

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@Deacon_T I can’t thank you enough for your time! I appreciate your kind words and love the constructive criticism. I’m gonna get to work!!

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Hi Eli,

I wont be able to attend the event. Anyway you can send me the video as well?

Thank you in Advance,

Yes, I will notify everyone when completed.

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@Deacon_T Hi, hope the event went well! Was there any insight on the algorithm or the fact that some of us have had bookings/inquiry’s literally disappear? Would love to see the video if it’s accessible!! Thanks!-Jennifer

Hi Jennifer!
We didn’t get as deep into the algorithm because we aren’t 100 percent sure how it works and didn’t want to give speculative information…


Content is king. Just like any search engine, from Google to Amazon, you need to ensure that you have a well written listing packed with important information. So if you want to optimize for ‘photo shoots’ you could say something like

“Our 2300 square foot studio loft is perfect for your next photo shoot”


Thanks Deacon! Where do I message you?

Us too!
We were used to a steady flow of inquiries, but facing a dryspell–in the summer no less!? What’s going on?
We just put a lot of work into re-vamping our space and image, and now we’re getting no inquiries. What can we do? What can Peerspace do?

Has anyone seen an uptick in inquiries? I’ve still had not one booking since APRIL 1, 2019. Discouraged.

I sent you a PM, I would like to see the location.

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I’m not sure where to respond Eli_P.

sorry for the late reply, I just emailed you!

My experience has been very different. I started last summer, listing my loft for Production Rentals only. A few requests for parties snuck in— I booked some, and they went great. But then overall inquiries went down from a couple per month to Zero in Sept-Oct. Dec-Feb, just a trickle.

Then in March, I added ‘Event’ and ‘Off-Site’ categories. And right away everything changed. Many more inquiries and bookings. Many 5-star reviews. New Host of the Month award! And the Power Host thing! Yipee!

My first draft of this went on to analyze why so many people experience a drop-off after a good start. However, I’m gonna change course here. This is why:

After 2 weeks with 7 big bookings, I took down down my pages, mostly because of a really nasty bad review —my only one— and just fatigue! I didn’t cancel any previously booked dates.

The bad review just made me want to stop and think about this whole business. It was super discouraging and 100% untrue. Here is what happened next:

Yesterday I republished my listings. Or tried to. Today came an email, and here it is in full (I have no idea who Ko is):

Hi Ko,

Thank you for your interest in hosting with Peerspace. After reviewing your submission, we have determined that your space is not a suitable fit for the marketplace at this time. For this reason, we have archived your submission until further notice.

We wish you the best in your future endeavors.


Peerspace Host Success

I don’t know where this will end up. My impression is that my old listings are no longer good enough for peerspace, even though they were good enough to make me a Host of the Month, and a Power Host. Or maybe something else is going on. I wrote Lawrence, who has been answering my questions in the past. We’ll see!

Good luck everybody
Historic Penthouse Loft: Bricks, Beams, Wood Floors


We are interested in what we can do to increase our visibility on the platform.

Here is a link to our listing

My first thought is that we should lead with what makes us unique and I’m curious to know if this is apparent from our listing and suggestions for how we could make it so!

Thank you!

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Same here. Love some tips.

Hi Borhen, your link takes us to our own individual listings. Click on the link you posted, then to the right of each of your listings is a Share icon. Click on that, Copy the Link, and post it here. While I am at it, I will share mine here.

So here is what I just learned: Copy the link as described above; Click on the Hyperlink icon at the top of the text box; paste in your link; and add a descriptive title:

STUDIO BUCKMAN | Event Listing

STUDIO BUCKMAN | Offsite Listing

STUDIO BUCKMAN | Production Listing

I look forward to seeing your space!

  • Brad
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Yeah this is interesting. I just recieved an email saying I m no longer a Power Host…we have over 50 5 star reviews and are an older listing. Now I dont get any inquiries because of the current visibility on the site, basically the oversaturated amount of hosts I’m assuming? Hope you find a way to get back to where you once were. Best

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