Following up from tonight's Peerspace event!

Hey guys, Deacon here!

Thank you for another amazing Peerspace event tonight!

I know there was some interest in my site coordinator Maria at tonight’s event (who is AMAAAAAAAAAAZING), but I wasn’t able to really touch upon it.

Maria is a certified guard, CPR trained and she is the reason things run so smoothly with my Peerspace rentals.

By having a ‘hired’ coordinator, it keeps me out of confrontations with renters and allows me to get other work done while Maria ensures that our house rules are followed and that our renters’ needs are being met.

While we’ve been so busy with work lately, she will eventually be offering her services a bit more widespread. If you have a high volume space, or maybe just don’t want the confrontation of enforcing rules with renters, consider having a site coordinator!

Dear Deacon,

May I ask, what in the world is a “certified guard”?

With my kindest regards,
Margo Feiden
Founder & CEO
The Mansion/Museum at the
Margo Feiden Galleries Ltd.
Established 1969

Hey Margo!
They don’t have guard cards in NYC? :open_mouth: In Cali, it’s a semi-huge deal that guards have to be certified!

I looked for New York and your state has a certification as well: