Drug dealers in my space. What would you do?

Hosted a booking last night. Guest organizers told me it was a pop-up for legal CBD products. After watching the event for an hour on the security cameras, it became real clear that they were straight up selling pre-packaged weed and weed-related products.

I kicked them out. Surprisingly without any issues. They grabbed their stuff and left. They even tidied up a bit.

Apparently, they were unaware that they set their dealer table up directly under one of my security cameras. I have footage of every sale they made including transfers of products and cash.

What would you do now? These guys were selling in medium-sized bulk. They were basically mid-tier dealers selling to local delivery services. Organized, but not serious gang types. I estimate from counting bills on the camera that they made 5-6k in a hour. They had booked the space for four.

Do I contact the police or let it go?

Oh my! Wow. I’m speechless

Interesting situation!
Personally I’m not sure how I feel about turning people over to the cops for a crime that the Mayor of NY says he wants to legalize soon (and which is already legalized in many states). But then, if it’s not reported these guys will probably pull the same stunt on other hosts. It would be good to prevent this from happening to other hosts. Maybe PeerSpace can blacklist them somehow? I’m curious how invested is PeerSpace in keeping hosts safe from problematic clients really??? I’m kind of curious too how PeerSpace would treat a criminal investigation? Would they release their client’s contact information to the police (I presume they would be obligated to)? How easy is it for clients to sign up to rent on PeerSpace using false info???

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@Leon_S I agree with you 100%. If you put them on a blacklist than their friends or that same person will make another user account with another email/profile. More of a post between local hosts(LA, DC, NY, etc.) to discuss who is trying to book their place, date and times.

I sent a help message to Peerspace about this, but they don’t work on the weekends. You know… the days when hosts have their most problematic bookings. :roll_eyes:

The dealers actually ended up txting me the next day asking to work with me again so that “we can all make money”. I didn’t respond.

The black listing won’t work. These guys would just create a new account with a new email.

Funny thing is, the guy who booked, filled out my credit card authorization form. Assuming he used his real info, I have his full name, address, etc. They’re not very smart.


Honestly it’s just weed and CBD which really isn’t a big deal, but it is your location so your rules go. I don’t know the laws in your state, but weed is 100% legal in CA. People host events like this all the time in Los Angeles. If you did decide to work with them again I would definitely request a commission fee for allowing them to do business in your location.

Honestly, it is a big deal!

You’re cool with guests lying to you about what they’re doing in your space and then attempting to conduct illegal business behind your back?

I’m in NYC where weed is not legal. Still, I personally smoke weekly, and have hosted exclusive, celebrity-filled 420 dining events at my space (not through Peerspace). The difference was those organizers were straight up about it from the beginning, shared their security plans, and took great care to protect the name of my business and me personally. These guys thought they could just stop, drop, and open up shop in my space without a care as to what happened to me.

Also… weed is not “100% legal in CA”. It’s illegal to purchase/possess more than an ounce. These guys had 8 garbage bags full of product and were selling dozens of prepackaged 1/8th to customers. One guy filled his entire backpack.


I would personally recommend filing a police report, as you can be charged as an accessory to a crime for failing to report it.

You did the right thing by giving them the boot though

This is not correct information

Well like I said it’s your spot so it’s your rules and if they don’t want to be upfront with you about what their using your location for that isn’t cool at all. You don’t want to get fined over their bullshit. I was meaning more of the CBD products, but if their using your place to literally set up a weed shop illegally that isn’t cool at all. Yea your right it technically isn’t 100% legal out here in CA, but nobody cares about weed in LA. Thats like the last of the police’s concern out here. I wouldn’t burn my place over some petty nonsense, it’s just going to cause you unnecessary drama. If they couldn’t be upfront with you already imagine how things would go later down on the line?

And you really don’t want to deal with that type of clientele. It’s just a recipe for disaster in the long run.

Like you said if you built up your reputation don’t ruin it for some clowns. You need to go with your first instinct. If you’re not feeling the situation don’t get involved.

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You should have negotiated for a few bags and looked the other way :slight_smile:



I’ll send them your way :slight_smile:

Elizabeth, I don’t really care if weed is sold either, but in order to sell it legally in CA you need a permit, and the location needs proper inspection (basically to insure the state is collecting their share of taxes from the sales, and to prevent sales to minors which I get). If you open a “pop-up shop” to sell weed in California it’s just as illegal as in NY. The difference is not many people care, especially the cops who are struggling to deal with homicides every other day, and spending their time beating and killing innocent people, they have a lot on their plate. The issue with PeerSpace I have more trouble with is guests not being honest and disobeying any house rules. How can PeerSpace help protect us from guests doing stupid, illegal, and potentially harmful stuff to us? Reviews don’t seem to be enough.

Just to wrap this up for anyone following along or looking for help in the future.

Peerspace wanted me to:

  1. Report everything to the police
  2. Write an honest and public review of the guy who booked
  3. Hand over my camera footage to prove my allegations

I did none of those things.

  1. I don’t want the police involved. I’ve had them to my space 2 times before due to incidents and they always put me in a position of defending my actions rather than working with me to solve the issue. At the end of the day, no harm was done so I’m gonna let that go.
  2. There’s no way I’m outing these guys publicly on the platform — “He sold drugs in my space. One star. Would not host again”. They know where I work and can see when I’m here as my car is parked out front. Also, the guy who booked lives about 5 mins away (according to the paperwork he filled out). I’m not shook easily, but I’m also not interested in looking over my shoulder every time I leave which is often late at night when the block is completely empty. Not worth it.
  3. I also did not feel comfortable handing over camera footage as Peerspace would not make it clear to me who would see it and how it would be used. The dealers have no idea that I have the footage and I would like to keep it that way. At the end of the day. I do not want them to know that I said anything to anyone about it.

The payment went through, but they did not review me.

The end.

Is the moral of this story: Snitches get stitches?


I’d let this go. The reason is: You don’t need enemies.

Hey Geoffrey, I think you did the right thing in the end. And thank you for the heads up. You might add in your description - Please respect the space. Security camera on site for your and the businesses safety.