Displaying Price Range in Listing

It would be helpful and more transparent to display a price range on the main listing for guests instead of just the starting price. In other words, show that the rental fee can range from “$X amount to $X amount” instead of just the starting price. I believe this will offer more upfront transparency when guests are searching and will save time for both hosts and guests. I’ve had guests comment that they thought the space was the price displayed on the main listing, but it shows the lowest amount, which is a weekday, and most events take place on the weekends, which is a little higher. I think this update would be helpful for both parties. Thank you.


Hi @Stacy_M,

I believe Peerspace fixed this concern. When the client fills out the number of people and date/times it gives the amount which is due. I would put in your description the rates and how it works with you.

Hi Eli_P. Yes, rates are both listed in the description and form already that customers fill out. What I’m suggesting is on the main landing page of the listing. A guest shouldn’t have to go through the steps from a guest experience standpoint to fill out all the information to find that out, and a “general” price range at the very beginning I believe would save both parties more time. I attached an image for reference from my listing. This is where I believe the “range” should be listed. Thanks!


If you have any additional questions please let me know.

I agree. Even the words " the rate starts at…" would save some customer frustration. But to show the range on the main page that customers see initially would really help both us and our clients.