Digital LockBox. Recommendations?


Hello everyone,

I wanted to see if other hosts have anything to say about this.

We are considering to use digital lock boxes in our spaces. We found a couple out there that meet our needs: controlled from an app, you can change the code every time you want.

Does anyone have any feedback or recommendations on this topic?

Thank you


It seems like a great idea. I couldn’t use that only because our home is our location that we rent out. I always do a walk thru at the end of the shoot to make sure everything is still intact, nothing is damaged or left behind. I feel that guests like to greet someone to answer any questions or take care of any needs initially. If it’s a simple location, that lock box could be a real timesaver.


I was looking into this as well. I have the same requirements.


Hi Jennifer,

We do the same in our locations, we have people from our team that stay during the whole reservation. However, we have cleaning teams coming before and after the reservation (they arrive before our team arrives, and leave after our team leaves) and want to create a system with digital lockboxes for our cleaning team, so we can control who has the code, change it periodically, etc

I found one that seems interesting, but I wanted to see if anyone had some feedback on this.


Hi Nicholas,

So far I found this one that seems interesting, but has both positive and negative reviews. Just in case you also want to take a look into it:

Thank you


I recommend using a smart lock from August. You can control it from your phone and change the code for each guest. My personal opinion not Peerspace.