Cleaning fees - who is charging them?

As we speak, I’m adding our newest space to Peerspace. It has taken us more than a month of grueling effort to decorate, but it looks great.

I’m out of the loop on cleaning fees, however.

I personally think it’s a smart thing, but I don’t want to be that one guy charging a cleaning fee if it’s no en vogue.

Talk to me, fellow hosts!

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I have always charged cleaning fees and will continue to do so. I charge $150 but it really should be more nowadays

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I bake a basic cleaning fee into the rate. I charge extra ($150) for excessive mess or if a guest leaves behind anything that won’t fit into a garbage bag.

Damages would be on top of that extra fee.

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Hey Deacon_T
You will not be alone. I’m charging a $100 cleaning fee.

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I also charge $100, but it should be more as many guests leave excessive trash, boxes, bottles, etc. Honestly, this $100 helps just offset some of the Peerspace fees.

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This is amazing feedback, you guys. I also had set my cleaning fee at $100 for events and probably will do so for off sites as well, so it’s nice to see that my prices are right in line.

We’re going to try some new things this time around and offer tablecloths, napkins, etc and we’re working our cleaning cost into both the item rental fees and the flat rate cleaning.

Even before the pandemic we were a little obsessive about sanitizing everything; sometimes people would put their nasty bare feet on our furniture or shoes on the rug and you never know what people’s bathing habits are, so I’d throw down in the bathroom with some bleach every single day and steam/mop/polish the concrete floors all the time. Now I guess I seem a little less nuts!

I agree that it should be more though; there’s a lot a LOT of work that goes into it, but I have this gut feeling that if we go too high, people just won’t book.

I’m in downtown Los Angeles again, not too far from the fashion district, which means that I can score everything from tablecloths to disposable plateware at a fraction of the cost of Amazon or a standard store.

We’re putting in a bit of a markup on everything, as I have this hunch that with the restaurant situation being what it is, maybe people will look into socially distant pop up dinners.

The loss of business from the pandemic, coupled with moving expenses have just devastated my credit and finances. We’d made an absolute killing with a facemask manufacturing business…

…and then we all almost died from COVID-19 back in April.

So here’s to future success for all of us!


Essentially I have to clean twice. Before and after, So cleaning fees are a must. It does help offset fees for smaller shoots too.

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I vote to call the cleaning fee a “Setup/Cleanup fee”. I also tell guests they are responsible for “cleaning”, and the fee is for me spending 15-20 minutes before and after each rental to setup and close-up by disinfecting the studio each time. If they spill food on the floor I tell them where the cleaning supplies are. Calling it just a “cleaning fee” is confusing to guests who make a mess.


I agree with calling it a setup/cleaning fee. I have a large garden which is a large part of why people book. Before each booking I have to rake and sweep in addition to cleaning the house. I just upped my fee to $175. Mostly I haven’t had any push-back, but when I do, I can always lower it. I can’t raise it, so it’s better to be too high than too low.