Chicago Community @Peerspace

For those of you who missed it, we had a great Chicago Community Event at the Wicker Park Inn last night. What a great turn out for a rainy, Wednesday night!

The presentation emphasized the importance of optimizing your listing.

Here are some key takeaways:

*Have a different listing for each category
*Include key words to help boost your listing in search
*Feature key amenities
*Select photos that help sell your space for each category type
*Craft your title carefully to attract the right audience
*Collaborate to get free photos

If you haven’t updated your listing(s) recently, I highly recommend that you do. While you’re at it, take advantage of new Peerspace features like Add-Ons, Calendar Pricing, and Attendee Pricing. These features can help to attract more guests, enhance the guest experience, and boost your bottom line.

I’d like to thank @Samantha_S for co-hosting the event with me. And our wonderful sponsors Heartfelt Catering for the amazing food, @pouranddrink for their awesome specialty cocktails, and our expert guest speaker, Todd Armbruster, from Private Services.

Here are a few photos from last nights event.

I’m looking forward to the next Chicago Peerspace Community Meeting! Let me know what topics you’d like to discuss at the next meeting. Please comment with your suggestions. Those who comment with a topic for our next meeting will also be entered to win a free Peerspace photoshoot!


I really wanted to attend the Chicago peerspace event but had to work. :(. I will try my best to be at the next event here in Chicago.

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We may even be available to have the event at my studio space. :slight_smile: