Cancelations vs rescheduling


According to Peerspace rules, guests are not entitled to any refund if they cancel last minute. As a courtesy, I usually agree to reschedule. Guests usually appreciate it. Peerspace never knows how to handle it though. Then this one guest messages me again on the day of the already rescheduled event that they can’t make it again. This time the guest gets smart and uses “update booking” function and reschedules it to a third date. A week before their third rescheduled booking day, I check in with them to make sure they are coming because I have other inquiries for this day. I always do. They say: sorry, we are not coming yet again, the 3rd time for the same booking. Guess what?! Peerspace refunds them because this cancellation happens a week before the event. So the fact that I kept the space for them on three separate dates, possibly lost other bookings, rescheduled twice is not considered. Life hack for guests. If you need to cancel, just reschedule last minute to a far away date, then cancel with enough notice and receive your money back. I think peerspace should consider this scenario and find a reasonable solution. Hosts should not be penalized for being accommodating.


Wow. Good to know. That’s messed up.

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I am surprised by that Peerspace gave them a refund because according to their cancellation policy, you will still receive between 25% and 100% of the booking depending on how when they cancel. Check it out:


You are very kind! I would recommend reminding the guests of the cancellation policy as soon as they request to book, and as @Deacon_T mentioned, stick to the policy. That way you are not on the hook nor are you responsible for accommodating any last minute changes. It does make you (the host) sound like a stickler but you are right, you should not be penalized and it is likely not worth your time or energy to be bending over backwards for flaky guests.


I allow anyone to rebook with a 30% rebooking fee unless they are a regular for us (which I do not charge the fee). To open up the calendar and rebook is not worth the headache.


The problem tho is that Peerspace’s new policies are now beginning to clash with our established business policies.

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I am concerned about this also. Thanks for posting. I think it’s important that we all keep Peerspace well informed of how its going with these policies in place. It will help everyone in the long run.


Hi Vic,
I have been having some problems with cancellations lately, as some of the other members have mentioned too. In the beginning I tried to be flexible and let them reschedule for another date, but then I would get a call for the date they rescheduled for, and realized that I just lost a whole day booking in essence. That gets a bit expensive. On the Peerspace policy page it shows that we can choose from several different return policies, so I went with Standard 90. I have decided to give them a break, if they do want to rebook and have lost their deposit
( 50%), which I think is reasonable, so I do not lose the entire booking fee that way.


It is definitely problematic and costly for hosts that Peerspace allows last-minute re-scheduling. One of our guests booked a six-hour block on a Saturday night (our busiest and most requested time of the week by far) only to re-schedule one week before the booking. We had already turned away at least two other requests for that evening, and since Peerspace doesn’t make the guest forfeit any part of their booking fee if they re-schedule, it becomes an expensive loss for us. Unfortunately, it also creates some bitterness toward the guest, as we feel they’ve used a loophole to take two high-value dates off of our calendar for the price of one. How many of you have experienced this, and how have you handled it?