California filming to resume on June 12

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Thanks @Deacon_T! To clarify, my understanding is that the state of California will allow county health officials to approve productions starting June 12. LA County, for one, still hasn’t issued any guidance on what kind of rules they will require. My guess is we are still a couple weeks out at the earliest.

In the meantime, I’d suggest reading this white paper on proposed health and safety guidelines to better understand what guest needs might be:


Thanks for info @Deacon_T

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Today, California Governor Gavin Newsom announced that counties throughout the state may begin reopening to film, television and commercial production starting on June 12.

Importantly, Governor Newsom’s announcement does not authorize the resumption of on-location filming in Los Angeles County. That decision rests with the County and will be made consistent with the recommendations of the County Department of Public Health.

While offering guidance, FilmLA has inquired of the County when it intends to reopen to production, and on what terms. We have also asked our partner cities whether they intend to reopen when the County does. We understand that the County intends to proceed expeditiously , and we will share additional information when it becomes available.

Governor Newsom’s announcement follows the June 1 release of new Health and Safety Guidelines, prepared by the Industry Wide Labor Management Safety Committee (IWLMSC) Task Force. These guidelines serve as a resource to state and local authorities, but do not establish the final terms of reopening. You may access those Safety Guidelines here.

Thank you, and we look forward to serving you again soon.


Are you guys sure about that?

I dunno, I see a lot of sources saying that LA is going to open for filming tomorrow. I could be wrong, but there’s quite a few sources

@Deacon_T, you are correct: LA County issued rules today that allow productions to start tomorrow…theoretically. This was sooner than I expected, but there are still roadblocks.

From Variety:

The rules allow for productions to resume as soon as Friday, although in reality most are not expected to get underway until July or August.

…Before production can restart, the below-the-line unions must also agree to a series of detailed protocols.

…Another obstacle is whether productions will be able to obtain insurance.

“The independents are not going to be able to get financing or bonding,” said Brian Kingman, managing director of the entertainment practice at Arthur J. Gallagher. “Right now the insurance companies haven’t figured it out.”

I would love it if productions re-started soon, but for planning purposes, I think it’d be prudent to not expect anything for a few more weeks.


This was an excellent article! Wow, I completely forgot to consider how insurance would work!

Thank you VERY much for posting that; extremely good information!

So many challenges. “Production” can mean many things now. A high-end production will have a Health and Safety Officer to ensure that protocols are followed, and unions and professionals will likely take this seriously. But so many productions will not. A friend was working on set last week (yes, before we “opened”), and he said it was a mess. No physical distancing, no attention to safety. The producer said he would take responsibility for health and safety, but naturally all he cares about is getting his shots.

Many makeup artists do not have truly sanitary practices, even high-end celebrity artists. Some may strive to do better, but we are seeing educational videos posting incorrect information.

As hosts, we have to anticipate days being canceled/rescheduled due to COVID-19. In the past, if an actor or crew member wakes up feeling under the weather, they show up and just push through it. Now the entire day will have to be canceled unless they can replace the sick person. Then, who is financially liable for an entire lost day (or longer)? Or, if an actor shows up to shoot, and does not feel safe, that day could be lost as well.

LA County Reopening Protocol for Music, Television and Film Production

@Deacon_T, glad you find that info useful! I think I have now made 1% of the contributions you’ve made to the community. :slight_smile:

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@Brad_B you are exactly right. The tricky part here is, I would only like to host participants with smaller cast & crew sizes, but those tend not to be the big “high end” productions you mentioned. Going to be very selective, require permits and COI, and make sure the producer takes on all liability. And if I think they might be a “cowboy,” I’m declining.

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You are too kind my friend!!