Booking several days in a month

I have a guest that would like to book my space for every Tuesday in February. What is the best way for him to do that?

Hi Rachel, I’m Lawrence with the Customer Experience team. I can help you out with this custom booking. What would be a good time to schedule a quick call tomorrow?

You can send a custom offer to the guest with a custom price and with only the Tuesdays of February selected. Custom offers can help you accommodate special requests such as non-profit discounts, weekend rates, multiple days, additional services or equipment, increased capacity, holiday pricing, and any other special rates.

To send a custom offer:

  1. Visit your Peerspace Inbox
  2. Open the thread with the guest you would like to offer a custom price
  3. Click “Offer Custom Price” and fill in any details such as extra days.
  4. Update the activity details, set your custom price, and explain the offer the guest can then accept and book the space.

Hi Lawrence - I’m trying to book a customer for recurring Sundays and am having trouble figuring out how to do this efficiently and without creating additional complication for my customer.

I don’t see the “Offer Custom Price” anywhere on the site. Please send directions.

Thanks - Jeff

Hi Jeff,

Happy to help you out with this! Could you send me an email at In the subject line put in Attention Lawrence and I will follow up with you and help you get this custom booking setup.