Booking Canceled by the Peerspace Trust and Safety Team

I recently had a booking canceled two weeks before it was scheduled to occur, and wasn’t given specific reason as to why. Here is the email chain:

"Hi William,

I was confused by _______’s cancelation.

Was it because they had too many guests listed? I told them to limit it to 50, and they agreed. Please refer to our message chain. I suppose I should have responded with a custom offer, and changed it to 50? Not sure why we weren’t at least given the chance to fix that?

Also, it says that they are getting a partial refund, but it doesn’t look like I’m receiving any of it? How is that fair? Or am I reading it wrong? It looks different from Benny M’s cancelation.


"Hi Michael,

Thank you so much for reaching out. I took a look at the booking and I see it was canceled by our trust and safety team as a risk to the community and platform. At this time we are not able to support the event. The booking was canceled and fully refunded to the guest.


"Thanks Sergio,

Could you please provide me some details, so that I can understand better how to avoid this in the future?

I had messaged ______ through the PS messaging that our limit was 50 at this time, and they agreed to limit their guests to 50, and said they would be checking temps, and doing waivers at the door.

Was it the over 50 part? If that’s the case, I should be careful to modify that, and make sure I get an agreement from the guest? I did get the guest to agree in this instance, but didn’t think to change the guest count. Seems like we should have been able to address that, if that was the issue, rather than having it canceled without warning.

Was it the waiver?

I just want to know, as this is now a late cancellation for which I’m receiving no compensation.


That last was on 08/25. I never received a response, and the ticket was never closed, or at least I never received an email to that effect.

I just wanted some more info, to make sure to try to do my best to avoid this happening again by any actions on my end. Maybe it had nothing to do with the listed attendance? It would be nice to even just know whether or not that was the reason the booking was canceled.