Best Practices with Google Calendar

Newbie question here.

We have several rooms to list and currently have one calendar in the office to sync to. Is there a means to flag events in our calendar so they map to the respective rooms in peerspace, or do we really need to create a google calendar per room so it’s a one-to-one mapping to peerspace rooms?

If multiples, and this is a google question, anyone know if it’s possible to have multiple calendars in Google roll up to one, to reduce staff confusion and changes for mistakes.

Thanks for any tips here.

Multiple Google calendars is a must to separate your spaces, however, there is a trick to it, you use one gmail account and create multiple calendars for that account. (in settings)
The easiest way we’ve found to disseminate that to your team is to copy and paste the calendar ID’s to an email and send that around. Then each team member spends a minute or three “adding” them to their calendars using the IDs.

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